Thursday, September 1, 2011


  • Use an empty box to make a mailbox. Hang it outside of each bedroom. Provide paper, crayons, pencils, envelopes, stickers (stamps) for the kids to write letters to each other.
  • Make a special thank you card for your mailman and leave it in the mailbox for him or her!
  • Ask grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, & friends to mail letters to your kids this week (see letters post). Ask them to write your preschooler’s name on the envelope. My 3-year-old LOVED getting mail with his name that he could read on the front. **If they didn’t make it in time for "letter" week, they will work this week for “mail"!
  • Write a letter back, address it, stamp it, then take it to the post office to mail it.
  • Read "The Jolly Postman" by Janet & Allan Ahlberg … a very cute book about a postman who delivers real letters (they actually open up and you can take them out and read them!) to all of the fairy tale and nursery rhyme creatures.
  • Cut pictures out of magazines or ads and glue onto index cards. Write each family member's name on an envelope. Let the kids choose a card to "send" to someone. Deliver to their mailboxes. Open & see what you received!

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  1. I remember this book! I had it when I was a kid! I LOVE this book!!! Thank you for a little trip down memory lane! :)



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