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Friday, July 15, 2011


Letters are so fun to get in the mailbox!

  • A week or two before L week, ask your family and friends to write letters to your preschooler and have them sent to arrive during L week.
  • I usually email everyone the week before and we have several letters arrive throughout the next week from grandmas, aunts, cousins and friends. It is so much fun to see the excitement of receiving letters. mail2
  • Of course, we learn how to write a letter back (or draw pictures and sign our names). Then it’s fun to let my 3-year-old fold the letter himself, put the stamp on the envelope, add a return address label and put it out in the mailbox with the flag up.

NOTE: the great thing is, if the letters arrive too late, they still work as MAIL for M week!

TIP: Anytime I sign up for free samples or things like that, I put one of my kid’s names on it. So when it comes in the mail, they get to take turns getting something extra special. They love getting mail!

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