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Monday, October 14, 2019

B is for Birds

  • Story and Bird search
    1. We read Ruby’s Birds by Mya Thompson
    2. Then we went on a walk/hike to listen and watch for birds.
      • I wish I would have made them keep track of how many birds we saw and how many we heard. That would have been good tally practice!

  • Feather Counting
    1. With laminated birds, have your preschooler tell you the number that is on it and add that many feathers.
      *(I can’t find the original of these, and can’t even remember if I made them or if I got them from someone else!) 

  • Book and Rhyming
    1. We read Wings by Cheryl B. Klein, it is a book written only with words that rhyme with “wings” 
    2. Get some letters out and practice sounding out and rhyming “-ings” words.

  • Playdoh egg counting
    1. Use this bird’s nest playdoh mat
    2. Make playdoh “eggs” (roll playdoh in a ball)
    3. Write or put a number in the square on the bottom right of the mat (printed from above), and have your preschooler count out that many eggs to put in the nest.

***Find a lot more Birds preschool activities here or on our instagram account (saved in our highlights under “Bb”)

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

B is for Banana

Here are some additional Banana activities.
  • Read: Baxter The Banana by Sean Sullivan 
    • A friend gave me this book YEARS ago, before I was even married and had kids, but I’ve kept it around and it is perfect for banana preschool. I CANT find it anywhere online….but it’s a book about a green banana that wants to be yellow. Then after awhile, he turns yellow like all the other bananas. (see activity below)

  • Green and Yellow Bananas (this goes along with Baxter the Banana board book)
               ***This is a cutting, sorting and gluing project
    1. I drew some banana shapes on green paper and yellow paper (you could also draw them on white paper and have your preschooler color them!)
    2. Practicing cutting skills and cut out all the bananas
      • Sort them by color, and if you drew them different sizes, sort them by size too!
    3. Glue the sorted bananas on another piece of paper, divided in the middle – Green and Yellow.

  • Banana counting and matching
    1. Print this banana worksheet and have your preschooler trace all the B’s
    2. I made these banana stickers on with my Silhouette, designed just for this project, or you can buy these banana stickers.
    3. Match the 1 banana stickers to the 1 banana on their worksheet, cover up a B with it. Keep going until all the B’s are covered with the matching number of bananas in their column.

  • Banana Cutting
    1. Get a banana and a plastic knife (or a butter knife if you trust your preschooler!) and let them practice cutting a banana into slices.

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

A is for Alligators and Animals

  • Animal Print Alphabet
    1. I found these stickers at the dollar store and printed a traceable alphabet page.
    2. After tracing the alphabet, match the animal print ABC stickers to the letters on the paper.
    3. Cut them out, then glue them in order.
      ***Lots of repetitive alphabet exposure!

  • Animal stamps
    1. Play with animal stamps (we have THESE).
    2. Write numbers on the top of a piece of paper (or use magnent numbers like we did) and have your preschooler stamp and count that many animals underneath.
    3. Start a pattern with animal stamps, have them continue it.

  • Sing ‘5 Little Monkeys’ – see THIS post!

A is for Apple

Apple day is a MUST when we start preschool. This is one we did with our preschool group of 9 kids this year.
  • Journals
    1. Write a big A and a (have them trace it or draw it by themselves).
    2. Add Apple stickers to the page, either on the line of the A’s or decorate the page with them.

  • Apple ‘A and ‘a’ Tree picking!
    1. Always a favorite game. Use butcher paper or newsprint (from your local newspaper) and hang up a big piece with a tree drawn on it.
      **You could also do this outside on a fence with chalk…we dont have a fence!
    2. Using apple sticky notes (or these), write A’s and a’s on them and stick them to the tree.
      **We’ve also done this with the alphabet, writing ABC’s on the apples, not just A’s.
    3. On another piece of butcher paper or newsprint, draw a basket for the “picked” apples.
      **You can either have 2 baskets, one for capital a’s and one for lowercase a’s, or a big basket with A’s and a’s writen on it.
    4. The Game: Pick apples and sort them, by putting them in the matching basket or on the matching A’s.

  • BOOK: Ten Apples Up on Top by Dr. Seuss
    1. Play with apple bean bags (read THIS post for detailed instructions to make these).
      • Sort them by size (we have two sizes, big and small).
      • Put them on their heads. See how many they can stack!
      • With apples on their heads, try to walk, run, jump, crawl, etc!
      • Roll the die and play pretend baking with apples (think pies, applesauce, etc).
    2. Print a picture of your preschoolers head at the bottom of a paper. With apple stickers, stick 10 apples stacked above their head.

  • Apple Sensory Bin
    1. Fill a small plastic bin with rice, oatmeal, wheat, or the like.
    2. Add red, yellow and green pom poms (different sizes is even better) and magnent letters (letters in their name or ABC’s).
    3. Give them a pair of kid friendly tweezers and have them pinch out what they find in their bins.
      • As they pull the pom poms out, sort according to color and size!
      • As they pull the letters out, have them match them on a paper or spell their name.


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A is for Airplane

  • Visit an Airport
    1. If you have an airport close by, go as close to the runway as you can and watch the planes.
    2. Track the airplanes you see – Big, Medium, Small airplanes; White, Red, Black airplanes; etc.
    3. Read more airplane books while you wait for them!

  • Airplane Graphing
    1. Do this graphing activity using different colored airplanes (like THESE that we used).
    2. On a simple piece of graph paper, write an A next to each row (or column, however you are graphing) in the color of each different colored airplane.
    3. Pick a specific spot you are aiming at (a chair, pillow, person, etc) and help your preschooler throw each airplane at that object.
    4. The airplane that is the closest wins, put an A in their row.

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

A is for Ants

Ant day is always a fun preschool day at our house! It’s one of the only days my girls are fascinated by ants, instead of scared of the bugs!!
  • Fingerprint Ants
    • Read Ants by Nessa Black and learn about ants.
    • Make fingerprint ants (using black ink or paint) – 
      • three fingerprints, for the three sections of their body
      • draw 6 legs
      • draw 2 antennas
      • draw 2 eyes
    • Weigh your preschooler to see how much they could carry if they were an ant! Using the ant they made above, draw something really big on the back of the ant to show how much ants can carry!

    • Make an “Ant Restaurant”
      • Use a paper plate or preferably a piece of paper (it’s easier for the ants to get to quicker)
      • Have your preschooler choose food items they think ants would like to eat. Put them on their restaurant.
      • Set the plate/paper outside where there might be ants nearby.
      • Check back later!

  • Ant Sensory Bin
    1. Using rice, wheat, oatmeal, beans, etc in a container, add large plastic ants for the preschoolers to find using tweezers/tongs.
    2. After they have found all the ants (and are done playing in their bins), use the ants for math! (see below)
  • Ant Math
    1. Using large plastic ants (that they found in their sensory bin, above), work on math skills.
      • Use a layout like our ant page (with + and =), or simply write + or - and = on a piece of paper.
      • Put a number on plastic ants on the left side of the + or - and a number of plastic ants on the right side of the + or – and have your preschooler add/subtract the ants and write the number answer after the equals sign.
      • Practice this a few times, saying the math equation with your preschooler. IE:  “3 ants plus 2 ants equals 5 ants”

    • Walk an Ant!!
      • With the large plastic ants, as used before, tie a piece of yarn around the ant and take it on a walk.
      • In the book she walks a lot of ants, so the more the merrier (we stuck with one ant each though!).
      • While on your walk check your ant restaurant and observe the ants!

    • ART: After your walk, see how tangled your ants got, like in the book!
      • Paint a “tangled” art picture, like in the book!
      • Use the remnants from the ant lease to dip in paint and pull it across the page to make of colorful line art.
      • Add ant stickers.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom ABC preschool

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a traditional way we start the preschool year in our house. It is a fun story to introduce the whole alphabet.

  • Sensory Bin
    1. Fill a small container (6 qt size is what we use) with rice, wheat, beans, oatmeal, sand, or etc.
    2. Add ABC letters of some kind – scrabble letters, printed construction paper letters, magnetic letters, etc.
    3. Use tweezers or tongs to pinch the letters out.
      •  great for fine motor skills!
    4. After they find all the letter, start the next project, or let them play in the sensory bin, putting letters back in and finding them again!
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault
    1. Read this book (or watch it on youtube) to your preschooler.
      • They can point out each letter as you say them in the book
    2. After you’ve read it at least one time through, use the ABCs your preschooler found in the sensory bin for the next project
  • DIY Coconut Tree
    1. This is a fairly simple DIY project. What you need:
      • 3 tin cans – glued together and painted brown (I used hot glue and spray paint)
      • add three palm leaves to the top
      • if you have clay, playdough, or wooden balls, set those on the top
    2. As you read the book again, tell your preschooler the letters and have them find the magnet letter and put it on their coconut tree.
    3. After all the letters are in the tree, let them tip the coconut tree over and let all the letters fall off, just like in the book!

More Chicka Chicka Boom Boom preschool activities can be found HERE.
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