Great books and supplies for March and St. Patrick's Day

About Me

I'm Lindsy, a mom to five great kids! I have always enjoyed doing preschool with my kids. I try to be consistent with it, but it is definitely nothing formal. I have collected these ideas from books, websites, friends and from my own ideas. I love the structure it gives our day and my kids love the special time just for them. I have learned to relax with our activities ... and it's fun to see how differently they learn and what they enjoy.
I started preschool with my oldest son, who is now in 3rd grade and saved all of the activities so they're ready to go for my next four preschoolers. We have added lots of new activities, but it definitely makes it easier the 2nd and 3rd time around. We do one letter each week and choose a theme for each day starting with that letter.

Something else I've learned is to READ, READ, READ with your kids. They love to sit with a stack of books and have us read to them ... or grab a book and sit down somewhere and "read" to themselves. It's so fun to watch.
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