Mark Your Calendar

First Saturday of every month.
We try to go to the FREE kids workshop every month because the boys love it.
It is completely FREE. They give the kids a FREE orange apron, a pin to put on their apron each week and all of the supplies needed to make the projects are FREE (including the hammers, glue, nails ...
they even included the pots, dirt and flower seeds in May for the flower planters). Get there as close to 9am as possible because it is popular and sometimes the projects run out (they always give the late-comers a project from another week).
Click HERE to see what they're making this month.

FREE Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven
always on July 11th (7-11) every year

Yep, 7-Eleven hands out FREE slurpees every year on 7-11 (July 11).
It is a perfect, fun, cool treat for the kids (and adults)
They usually have special cups for the slurpees, and they're a great size for FREE!
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