Sunday, January 29, 2012

Groundhog’s Day Fun

I don’t know what it is, but I love celebrating Groundhog’s Day. Maybe it’s just another excuse to make an ordinary day a little bit more fun.


  • Watch Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog’s Day
    1. This is fun. You can watch the actual Punxsutawney Phil predict the weather at Gobbler’s Knob on February 2nd. The schedule says it will happen at 7:25am (EST) but I’m pretty sure they re-broadcast it.
    2. Just click the picture link above to go to the broadcast. Or click here and then the “watch it here” link.

DSC08397 DSC08403

  • Sewn Groundhog Treat Pouches … Shhh! These are filled with treats! I know my kids will love them. We love treasure hunts around here, so these will make a fun treasure at the end!
    1. Great photos and instructions at Peppermint Plum! I used her tutorial to make these into groundhog pouches filled with candy! 
    2. Use a brown paper grocery bag or any brown scrapbook paper.
    3. Cut out a simple groundhog shape (actually, cut out two … make sure they’re large enough to hold whatever candy you’re planning to use)
    4. Draw a simple groundhog face on one.
    5. Sew around the curved edge. Just a straight stitch. I didn’t even backstitch.
    6. Stick the candy inside and finish sewing the last edge!
    7. To open, just tear the paper!


  • Groundhog Treasure Hunt
    1. Use the Sewn Groundhog Treat Pouches above as the treasure (or use any treasure you like!)
    2. Print out the clues above on brown paper. 10 clues ready to go! Or use the blank groundhogs to make your own clues.
    3. Each clue will have a fact about groundhog’s day and an activity to do!
    4. Hide each clue and let the kids follow them to find their groundhog treasure.
    5. Facts from
      • Clue #1 … (Read to the kids) “Today we’re going on a hunt to find a special treasure. Your first clue is … look on the calendar.”
      • Clue #2 … (Hide the clue on the Feb. 2 square) “February 2nd is Groundhog’s Day. Look on the computer for the next clue.”
      • Clue #3 … (Have this picture on the screen) “Groundhogs are covered with gray-brown fur. They have short ears, a short tail, short legs and are very quick! Show me how quick you are! Look for your next clue in the fridge by the veggies!”
      • Clue #4 … (In the produce drawer of the fridge) “Groundhogs eat lots of greens, fruits and vegetables and very little water. They get water from eating leaves. Try eating a vegetable like a groundhog! Then look on the scale in the bathroom.”
      • Clue #5 … (On the bathroom scale) “Groundhogs are about 20 inches long and weigh between 12 and 15 pounds. How much do you weigh? Look in the toy box.”
      • Clue #6 … (Near a noisy toy) “Groundhogs can whistle when they are alarmed. Can you whistle? Look by the bathroom sink.”
      • Clue #7 … (Near the soap) “Groundhogs are very clean animals. Insects don’t bother them and germs leave them alone because they are so clean! Can you clean your hands? Look on your bed for the next clue.”
      • Clue #8 … (On the bed) “Groundhogs hibernate. That means they sleep all winter long. Can you pretend to hibernate like a groundhog? Look under the kitchen table for your next clue!”
      • Clue #9 … (under the kitchen table) “On Groundhog’s Day, a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil comes out of his burrow and looks around. If he sees his shadow he goes back inside for 6 more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, then spring is coming early! Look under the couch cushions for your last clue!”
      • Clue #10 … (under couch cushions) “Congratulations, you found your treasure! Can you tell me two things you know about groundhogs?”


  • Groundhog Dot-to-Dot
    • Print this dot-to-dot page from here.
    • Have your kids draw either sunshine or snow in the space on the left!

groundhog 001image groundhog3groundhog shadow

  • Shadow Painting
    1. Cut out an outline of a groundhog (from brown cardstock). I included a few to choose from above. I may try cutting it out of adhesive shelf liner … it’s sticky, but not too much. 
    2. Tape the outline to a piece of black cardstock (roll the tape and stick underneath). 
    3. Use a light colored paint and a sponge.
    4. Dab all over and around the edges of the groundhog. Dab up and down, not side to side for better results.
    5. Carefully remove the outline to see the groundhog’s shadow underneath!

groundhogcup groundhog groundhog popup

  • Groundhog Pop-Up Cup! … idea and printable from All Kids Network and Mrs. Jones Room.
    1. Cut a rectangle of green paper to fit around a paper cup. Glue or tape together.
    2. Print the groundhog template here or here.
    3. Cut out, color and attach to a craft stick.
    4. Cut a slit in the bottom of the cup and insert the groundhog stick.
    5. Pull the stick down to hide the groundhog. Push it up to POP him up!
  • See My Shadow Song … turn off all the lights but one or use a flashlight and watch your shadow as your move and sing this song. Sung to “Frere Jacques”

    See my shadow, see my shadow,
    Move this way, move this way,
    Doing things that I do, doing things that I do,
    Follow me, follow me.

    ~Saundra Winnett


  • Lunch Idea Nibble on salad greens, fruits and veggies just like a groundhog.


  • Treat Idea … Pudding Dirt Cup like the one above from Little Paper House.
    1. Spoon chocolate pudding into clear individual dessert cups.
    2. Top with chocolate graham cracker crumbs (dirt).
    3. Decorate a wafer cookie, vienna finger or nilla water to look like a groundhog (or I just use a cinnamon bear – close enough!)


  1. What a fabulous preschool plan! Thank you so much, as I'm preparing our preschool for Groundhog's day the night before!

  2. HAHA I am with Becky. Found your site on pinterest. So thankful for your planning and ideas. I love the shadow painting. I haven't seen anything like that so far.


  3. I will be using some of these on Friday! Thank you for the great ideas! :D

  4. What fun ideas! I'm going to share this on my PreschoolPowolPackets Facebook page!


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