Thursday, February 27, 2020

C is for Carrots

C is for Carrot day!!!

  • Taste Test Carrots
    1. If you can, pick a carrot from the ground. Otherwise, buy all of them at the store.
    2. Let your preschooler peel a long carrot. Be careful!
    3. Adults: cut carrots lengthwise, slices, and baby carrots. Taste them, see if the different shapes make them taste different!
  • Make Playdoh Carrots
    1. With orange playdoh (or any color would work), roll it into a carrot like shape.
    2. Use a plastic knife, or butter knife, and a cutting board to practice cutting carrots.
    3. Repeat!
  • Carrot Sensory Bin
    1. I made polymer clay carrots (3 different sizes) and put them, along with carrot sprinkles, in a bin of kinetic sand.
    2. Have your preschool find and sort the carrots according to size, line them up in rows, just like in a garden.
    3. After counting how many carrots are in each row, use number cookie cutters to make imprints of the number they counted.
  • Read Too Many Carrots, by Katy Hudson
    1. I printed (and laminated) animals that are in the book – a bunny, beaver, bird, squirrel, and turtle. Then we talked about them and put them in order as they came up in the book. (They can play with these laminated animals in their sensory bin with the carrots too).
  •  Carrot Counting
    1. What you need:
      • Orange paper
      • Green paper
      • Brown paper
      • Scissors
      • Glue stick
    2. On the orange paper, draw triangles (in a zig zag) for your preschooler to cut. These will be the carrots.
      • number each triangle, for the next part of the project.
    3. Cut the green paper into strips. These are the green tops of the carrots.
    4. Have your preschooler glue the orange triangles to the brown paper (the dirt), in order of number.
    5. Whatever number is on the carrot, add that many green strips to the top (glue them on).
  • Carrot ABC matching
    1. Using the carrot sprinkles that you used in the sensory bin, write a letter of the alphabet on each carrot sprinkle. 
    2. Using the ABC Carrot Printable from School Time Snippets.
    3. As they find the carrot sprinkles in the sensory bin or just have them in a little bowl, match them ABC carrots.
      • You could also use her printable carrots, or scrabble pieces, or any ABC letters.

**For more letter C preschool activities, click HERE.  

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