Saturday, October 26, 2019

B is for Buttons

  • Button sorting
    1. With a bunch of colorful buttons of different sizes, put them in a sensory bin (bin filled with uncooked rice, beans, oatmeal, sand, etc) for the preschoolers to play with and find. Use tweezers to pick them out!
    2. After they have been sorted by color, sort by size.

  • Stinging buttons
    1. With the same buttons used above and a pipe cleaner, string the buttons! They can string them:
      • randomly
      • patterns
      • by color
      • by size
      • etc.

  • Make a button tree
    1. Gather your supplies. We used:
      • empty toilet paper roll (filled with newsprint) and a base of cardboard glued to the bottom
      • sticks from outside
      • hot glue gun and extra glue
      • BUTTONS!
    2. Arrange the sticks and add dots of glue to the branches, applying a button to each one before it dries.
    3. Another option is to glue the branches to a piece of paper so it is flat instead of 3D.

**Find more BUTTON inspired preschool activities HERE**

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