Alphabet Pages

This is probably my kids favorite way to start off the preschool week. You can start collecting things now or see what you have around your house that works. Here are some of the things we've used to make our alphabet pages each week. Click on any of the pictures to get these from ... one of my favorite ways to shop :)

A ... plastic ants (these are the ants I got from for $3 + free shipping!)
B ... buttons
C ... cheerios
D ... dots (we've used paper dots from a hold punch or Do-a-Dot markers. On Amazon for $13 + free shipping with Amazon Prime!)
E ... googly eyes (the dollar store has a package for $1.00!)
F ... flower stickers
G ... green glitter (dollar store)
H ... Halloween confetti (Perfect because H week falls right around Halloween. This confetti from Amazon is $5 + free shipping with Amazon Prime!)
I ... ice cream cone stickers
J ... jingle bells (small ones come in a package at the craft store or dollar store)
K ... put on red lipstick and kiss the page
L ... ladybug stickers or we drew "lots of LARGE or little Ls" on the page
M ... monkey stickers
N ... noodles (dry pasta)
O ... torn pieces of orange paper or dry oatmeal
P ... popcorn kernels
Q ... Q-tips bent a little to fit around the curves
R ... rubberbands or paint with red paint
S ... star stickers
T ... toothpicks
U ... cut out lots of arrows and starting at the bottom of the U, glue them on pointing "UP"
V ... velcro (the soft piece on one side, the scratchy piece on the other side)
W ... wheel-shaped pasta
X ... bone-shaped candy sprinkles for an x-ray (These bone sprinkles from Wilton work great! A little spendy, almost $8 + free shipping but they'll last a long time.)

Y ... yellow yarn
Z ... zippers
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