Getting Started

Welcome to Preschool Alphabet!

This is simply a place where I share the preschool activities I do with my kids at home. I like to keep it simple and fun. I also love to make it simple, fun and do-able for other moms. We focus on one letter each week with a different theme each day and work our way through the alphabet.

An Easy Way to Get Started:

1. Print the Preschool Plan calendars for each month (on the sidebar)
          Each month (from September-May) is already planned out and ready to go.
          I print these out and tape them up on my cupboard each month.

2. Click on the ABC Themes button (on the sidebar)
           If the calendar says "Apples" click on "Apples" for a fully detailed lesson plan.

3. Or set up your own calendar.
           Click on a letter (A-Z) in the RIGHT COLUMN.
           You'll find several activities to use with your preschooler.

I start our preschool in the fall the week of Labor Day with Letter A. That way the letter weeks match up throughout the year ...
  • A week is just in time for apple picking season!
  • F week happens during the fall and fire safety week in October 
  • H week ends up the same week as Halloween
  • I week starts in November and we talked about pilgrims and Indians
  • K week is just in time to make our chocolate kiss countdowns for Christmas
  • N happens right at the New Year and is great to start a new calendar and talk about numbers
  • S week happens while there is lots of snow outside!
I also take a whole week to just do fun activities around each of the holidays.

I hope you enjoy doing these activities with your preschooler!

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