These are some of the GREAT resources that I've found and love using. I would highly recommend any of them.

TRACE is a great font to use for preschool letter-tracing practice!

PRINT CLEARLY is another great font to use for tracing!


   by Sherrill B. Flora

Organized alphabetically. Tons of activities and reproducibles! I have this book and I LOVE, love it. If you need a great starting point for preschool, this is it! 

A year's worth of amazing preschool ideas and activities. I love using these Mailbox yearbooks. Great reproducibles for any theme you could want. There is one for each year. I would recommend checking these out at the library instead of buying them.

FREE at the library :)

Letter Factory
   by Leapfrog
I think my kids learned their letter names and sounds with this DVD. It's pretty amazing. 30 minutes long. It presents each letter in a fun way making it's own sound. I love it.


Mircosoft Clipart ... My favorite clipart site. It's free and easy to copy or download.

Twisty Noodle ...Free coloring pages. I love that you can customize the text and tracing font above or below the pictures.

Alphabet Mini Books ... I love using these quick little books from First School, especially for the trickier letters (Q, X, Z...). Color the worksheet, then use the little "stickers" at the bottom to glue into your mini book. My kids love them.
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