Tuesday, May 24, 2011


  • Glue L page ... draw a large letter L. Use ladybug stickers to cover all the lines.
  • Paint ladybug rocks
    1. Go on a walk to find oval-ish rocks.
    2. Paint them red & dry.
    3. Use a Q-tip dipped in black paint to make polkadots & dry.
    4. Draw a line down the middle and add black eyes.
  • Go on an "L" scavenger hunt around the house
    1. Cut out a large L shape
    2. Draw simple pictures of L items they can find around the house (lotion, leaf, lipstick, lettuce, lamp)
    3. Cross off each item you find or mark it with a letter L!
  • Ladybug Lunch Game
    1. Put 2 clothespins on a paper plate.
    2. Place several green pompoms (aphids) next to the plate on a green leaf cutout.
    3. Explain that ladybugs use their tiny claws to pick up aphids to eat.
    4. Have the kids hold a clothespin in each hand, pinch the pompoms and place them on her plate.
  • Make paper ladybugs
    1. Help the kids draw and cut out a red circle.
    2. Cut 6 small strips of black paper for legs and hold-punch several black polka-dots.
    3. Glue these together to make a ladybug!
  • Ladybug Counting Game
    1. Ladybugs love resting on daisies. Make 5 large daisies out of white paper plates.
    2. Color the middle yellow and write 1-5 with matching dots (ex: 2 .. or 4 ....) on each plate.
    3. Give the kids 15 red pompoms (ladybugs) & let them place the right number of ladybugs on each daisy.
  • Ladybug Throw
    1. Go outside! Decorate a bucket with brown paper to look like a hollow log (draw wood grain and attach green leaves).
    2. Use several red balls (pompoms, red tape balls, red beanbags) and throw the ladybugs into the log from a variety of distances.
snack idea: Ladybug Bagels … Frost a bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Decorate with chocolate chip or raisin spots and pretzel stick legs!

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  1. Thank you for posting all of your ideas on here! I love that the items you use are regular items that can be found just around the house, instead of having to go out and buy a whole bunch of new stuff. This makes teaching so much fun, thanks again!


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