Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Insect Fun!

  • Dig for Insects
    1. Fill a large tub with uncooked rice.
    2. Hide several plastic insects in the rice and let the kids dig for them.
    3. They can even sort and count the bugs as they find them.

   insect counter    insects

  • Insect Sorting & Counting Jars … these are perfect sorting mats created by PreKinders!
    1. Use the Backyard Bug counters available from Amazon here.
    2. Print and laminate the sorting jars here. PreKinders offers colors, counting and types-of-bugs jars.

image  image

  • Insect Action Cards … created by Oopsey Daisy
    1. You can download an entire I is for Insect packet from Oopsey Daisy. She has done a great job on these and offers them for free!
    2. I love these action cards included in the packet. Just print them, cut them out, choose one and act it out!
    3. Click here to get the I is for Insect packet.
  • Paint a LO-O-O-O-O-O-ONG caterpillar
    1. Use a long strip of paper.
    2. Pour several colors of paint in individual dishes.
    3. Use the lip of a cup dipped in the paint (one cup for each color) to make a caterpillar as long as you want.
    4. Add googly eyes and antennae and feet with a crayon


  • Insect Anatomy Song … use the simple diagram above found here as you learn this song.

(to the tune: London Bridges Falling Down)

    Head and thorax, abdomen. Abdomen, abdomen.

    Head and thorax, abdomen. That’s an insect.

    Every insect has six legs, has six legs, has six legs.

    Every insect has six legs. That’s an insect.

    Antennae to feel their way, feel their way, feel their way.

    Antennae to feel their way. That’s an insect.

    insectfirefly insectfireflyhowto

  • Make a Glowing FireFly! … Wow! A simple project to delight the kids (and adults!) from Ohdeedoh.
    1. Insert a battery-operated flameless tealight candle into a plastic Easter egg.
    2. Poke 6 holes with a thumbtack and insert pipe cleaners to make legs.
    3. Draw a face on the front.
    4. Add duct tape wings and wah-lah … a glowing firefly!
  • Caterpillar Pretzel Snack
    1. Lace several colorful Fruit Loops into a pretzel stick.
    2. Place a mini marshmallow on the end for a head.

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