Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rubber Band Rocket Launcher


  • Rubber Band Rocket Launcher … we’ll be adding these spring-loaded rockets from Family Fun to our Rocket Day!
    1. Need 2 plastic cups, 2 rubber bands and tape.
    2. Make four evenly spaced, half-inch snips in the rim of one cup.
    3. Cut two rubber bands, knot them, and place them in the slits so that they are taut.
    4. Tape inside each slit to keep them from splitting.
    5. Draw a rocket, cut it out and tape it to the cup.
    6. To launch, press the rocket cup down over the other cup.
    7. Quickly let go and watch the cup blast off!


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  2. I absolutely love this idea! I'm a senior education major teaching a space unit in the Child Development Center Pre-K in a few weeks and I will definitely be using this!!!! Thank you! :)


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