Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rainy Days Experiment

We live in a very rainy part of the country. But just in case there is no rain in the forecast, you can still study rain during R week!


  • Rainy Day Coloring Page … sometimes my kids just like to sit and color, especially if I will sit and color with them.
    1. Click the image above to print.
    2. While you color, play some fun music or listen to rain…
  • Listen to Rain RainyMood.com plays the sound of rain, that’s it Smile Click here to listen.

 image  image

  • Rainy Day Songs!
    1. Click the links above for music and words.
    2. Don’t forget to do the actions!

DSC08441  DSC08449

  • Making Rain Experiment … easy to do and a great way to show why it rains!  
    1. Boil some water in a pot until steam forms above it. We talked about how there is water on the earth and it is evaporated into the sky.

      DSC08432 DSC08435

    2. Fill a tin pie pan with ice cubes. The kids can help with this! Let them feel how cold it is. This was our “cloud”.
    3. Hold the “cloud” above the pot in the warm steam. My hand got a little warm but I just held it out to the side so it didn’t get very hot.
      DSC08441 DSC08448
    4. Let the children observe that when the warm steam comes in contact with the cool air from the pie pan, drops of water form and fall back into the pot like rain!
    5. It was pretty neat to see the drops start small, then get bigger and bigger and finally drop down just like rain!

rain tapping at my window  rhythm sticks

  • Read “Who is Tapping at my Window?” by A. G. Deming … you might check your library to see if they have a copy. Mine did not. It looks like you can get it from Amazon.com.
    1. A girl asks all of the farm animals who is tapping at her window and then finds out that it is the rain!
    2. Use rhythm sticks to tap out the rhythm of the text.
    3. To make rhythm sticks, cut a wooden dowel into two 12” sticks or use two empty paper towel tubes or even two pencils!
    4. Hold one end and tap the other end on the floor or hit together.

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