Friday, May 27, 2011


  • Glue F Page
    1. Draw a large F on your paper
    2. Cover the lines with flower stickers!
  • Fun Flower Vase
    1. Use an empty vase & fake flowers (or make some with foam paper & skewers).
    2. Every time you catch someone doing something nice (or listening to mom the first time), they get to put a flower in the vase.
    3. Do this all week long!
  • Flower Pot Race
    1. Use the same flowers from above. “Plant” them at one end of the room.
    2. Put the vase at the other end.
    3. Take turns running to the flowers, “picking one” and bringing it back to the vase.
    4. Give a high five and it’s the next players turn to run down and pick a flower. My kids love this one!
DSC02574  DSC02578
  • Play a flower match game
    1. Use foam paper to cut out 10 flower shapes.
    2. Use green foam paper to cut out 10 center circles.
    3. Write numbers 1-10 on each of the flowers and centers.
    4. Let the kids match them
  • Plant tulip bulbs!
  • Make handprint flowers
    1. Draw a green stem down the center of a paper.
    2. Cover your whole hand (palm & finger) in a pretty color of paint. This makes the top of the flower.
    3. Cover your bare feet in green paint (do this outside!). These make the leaves.
snack idea: Cover a Ritz cracker with green-tinted cream cheese. Add mini pretzels around the edge to make a flower


  1. You have such great ideas! I would love to see a picture of your handprint flowers.

  2. We had fun doing these activities at home and I also plan to use some of your ideas in my sunbeams class when we do the lesson, "I'm Thankful for Trees, Plants, and Flowers." Thanks for the ideas! Here is a fun activity I found on sugardoodle that goes along with this lesson:

    Big Blooms - In a traffic free area of the room, adhere green masking tape stems to the floor. Cut out big flower blossoms (white) , centers (different color for each flower, and pot from construction paper and use clear contact paper covering to adhere the cutouts to the floor. A child stands behind the flowerpot, names a color, and attempts to toss the beanbag on the matching flower center. In a similar manner, a child can stand on the flower pot and hop from flower to flower, naming the colors along the way.


I love your comments! Feel free to leave a link if you've done any of these activities with your kids. I'd love to visit your blog!

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