Monday, September 26, 2011

Preschool Plan for October

Here is my plan for preschool for the month of October. It’s so nice to have it all planned out and ready to go. Sometimes that’s the trickiest part!

The whole last week we will be having fun with Halloween activities and then we’ll start H the first week of November. I’ll probably pick and choose from what is listed each day. I hope to try lots of new Halloween activities (I’ve just recently discovered how fun Pinterest is!) and add them that week.

One other tip … I’m starting to collect empty cereal boxes, cake and brownie boxes, yogurt tubs, egg cartons, milk jugs, juice bottles … right NOW so that we’ll have lots of fun things to put in our pretend grocery store during G week.

To Print:

    1. Click on the calendar below.
    2. Click on the “Print” icon (top right)

You can also find each month over in the right sidebar. Feel free to email with any questions or great ideas you’d like to share! Happy October!



  1. I adore you for making this. Really I do. It's on our fridge, not that we do all that you do!

  2. Just found your site and am thrilled!! I am a teacher at a christian preschool in a rual area of Michigan and do not have access to many training oppotunities to enrich my program. Your information has been "over the top" great and I love the creative projects. I am blessed to have found you and can't wait to see what's next! Thank-you

  3. I'm new to this world of litlle people and wanted to say thank you for all you do to enrich the lives of your students. I'm a teacher by trade but have had a great opportunity to stay home with my 2 1/2 yr old B/G twins. I have no idea where to begin with them. We stay busy but I need opinions on weather or not this is appropriate for them with some modifications I'm sure. Any help is appreciated. Thank you again!! :D

  4. We are from Delhi Preschool, the #1 Preschool in west delhi.

    The Plan that you have mention will inspire me to do the same like yours, thanks for sharing.

  5. Blessing ,Blessing to you for this I just found this website and it is the best ever

  6. This website is helpful :) Can't wait to see more of this, thanks for sharing. May God bless u :)


I love your comments! Feel free to leave a link if you've done any of these activities with your kids. I'd love to visit your blog!

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