Saturday, May 28, 2011

Feelings & Faces

calvin & hobbes 
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  • Silly Faces
    1. Print out these Calvin & Hobbes faces.
    2. Let the kids copy the facial expressions in the mirror.
  • Face Balloons
    1. Draw feeling faces on balloons.
    2. Talk about what to do when we feel sad, angry, happy, scared.
  • Sing "If You Chance To Meet a Frown"
  • Playdoh Faces
    1. Use face pieces from Mr. Potato Man and stick them in blobs of playdoh.
  • Felt Faces
    1. Draw eyes and nose on a large felt circle with permanent marker.
    2. Give the kids a piece of red yarn.
    3. Have the kids tell a time when they were happy & place the yarn in a smile.
    4. Next, share a time when they were sad & make a sad face with the yarn. Continue with other emotions.
  • Get some books on feelings from the library.
    1. Let your kids copy the faces and try to think of times when they felt the same way.
snack idea: funny face cheesers (click the link for a recipe!)

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