Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family & Friends

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  • Make a photo family tree to hang up. There are lots of way to do this, but here is one idea from Preschool Playbook. Click the link for the original post.
    1. Use a brown crayon to trace your preschooler’s hand and forearm onto a tall piece of paper (making a tree trunk with branches). This is my huge hand as an example. A smaller hand would be much cuter Smile
    2. Have them color in the tree trunk.
    3. Use a green crayon to make a leafy tree top.
    4. Print out pictures of each member of your family and cut out their faces … Include brothers & sisters, mom & dad, grandparents, aunts & uncles and cousins.
    5. Let the kids glue the pictures onto the tree.
    6. Ask them to tell you who each person is and write their names next to the pictures.
    7. Label it “My Family Tree” somewhere on the page.
  • Have FRIENDS come over to play!
  • Family & friends use kind words.
    1. Have the kids suggest several kind words as you write them on a paper.
    2. Give each of the kids a paper bracelet with kind words written on them.
    3. Invite them to remember to use kind words today! (Thank you. Let's Play! We're Friends. You're Nice!)
snack idea: one of your family's favorite snacks - or- have the kids each bring a small baggie of their favorite cereal or snack and combine them all for a fun friendship trail mix.

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