Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flat Stanley

Okay, I’m not exactly sure how this will work with a preschooler but I love the idea and want to try it with my kids in the fall.
My nephew did this project in school, a few years ago, so we got to spend the weekend with his Flat Stanley. It was so much fun!
During F week, we will start reading “Flat Stanley” by Jeff Brown. It has 80 pages, so we’ll read a little each day and whenever we finish is great.
  • Cut out a Flat Stanley from a piece of blank paper and decorate it to look something like a person.
  • Take Flat Stanley around with you during your day and take pictures of some of the things he does with you. I will have my preschooler tell me what he has done with Flat Stanley and I will write it down for him in a “Adventures of Flat Stanley” book.
  • Mail Flat Stanley
    1. Fold him up, put him in an envelope (add a note explaining your project and send him on his way to Grandma’s house or cousins living in another city, state or country)
    2. I’ll ask them to take Flat Stanley along with them during their day, take pictures of the adventures he has with them and write a little about his experience, then send him back. My kids will love getting mail.
  • Map Stanley’s Adventures … We will keep track of all the places Flat Stanley has visited on a map.

These are the pages we sent back to my nephew after our weekend with his Flat Stanley.

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  1. Let me know if you want Flat Stanley to visit Alaska - we should still be here!


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