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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Z is the End of the Alphabet Party!

We’ve reached the end of the alphabet and today we got to party!

  • Sing the ABC song … Clap or jump up high when you get to Z!

 z was zapped

  • Read several other A-Z books … we alternated reading a book with an activity.


  • ABC Banner (& a game, of course) … every party needs a banner. My kids loved this.
    1. Print the ABCs on colorful cardstock.
      • NOTE: if you want to print the banner we made, just click here and put 8 pages of cardstock in your printer in this order: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue (Y and Z will print on their own page.)
      • Cut the bottom 1” off each page, then cut in half horizontally and vertically. Make sense?!
    2. Scatter the letter cards around the room.
    3. String a ribbon across the room (for your banner).
    4. Have the kids take turns finding the letters in alphabetical order.
    5. As they find the letters, attach them to your party banner! I just use paper clips. Works great! You could also use clothespins with matching ABCs written on them!

DSC01280 DSC01281imageDSC01284

  • Play ABC Bingo!
    1. Print out a blank 5x6 grid. Click here to print the card we used.
    2. Use ABC stickers and have the kids stick one letter in each square. We put star stickers in the four extra squares. You could also just write one letter in each square.
    3. Let them reach into a bag of magnet letters and call out the letter they picked.
    4. Mark the squares with small treats, dot markers, stickers, anything!


  • ABC Treasure Hunt … every party needs a treasure hunt Smile
    1. Make simple clues for each letter A to Z.
    2. I used letter stickers on the clue cards to emphasize each letter. They couldn’t read the clues, but they knew which letter we were on!
    3. Hide them all around the house!
    4. For our treasure, I got the kids some fun activity sticker books (Wal-Mart $1.00) and other summer-y things (chalk, playground balls).

DSC01221 DSC01298

  • Make ABC cookies … we spent yesterday making a mess cookies and got to eat them today!
    1. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe.
    2. Roll out and cut with ABC cookie cutters. We’ve had these forever, there are some similar ones here.
    3. Bake & frost!


My 4-year-old already asked if we can start on Number preschool and Shape preschool since we’re done with the alphabet. Whew! I’d better get a move on to keep up with these guys Smile I do have several summer activities planned and I’ll post them as we get them done. I’ll definitely be taking things a little slower though. Enjoy your summer!


  1. Fantastic ideas! Thanks for sharing! Love them all! The cookies are adorable!
    The Letter Factory is amazing! Isn't it? I have it for my own little one and share it with my parents at school.

    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners

  2. We finished our alphabet a few weeks ago at my school and we celebrated by watching The Letter Factory DVD that I won on your blog! Thank you!

  3. The cookies look wonderful! I love your hunt idea!

  4. This would certainly be a great holiday activities for the kids. I am sure the will have fun doing all these and we get to decorate the class as well.

  5. Omg!!! Love this! Actually, I love it all!

  6. I love your abc bingo idea and bingo cards. I am totally going to have to try this in my preschool this year!

  7. such great ideas!! I'm definitely doing a Z party! thanks ;P


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