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Monday, June 4, 2012

Make your own Z was Zapped book.

I love turning my kids pictures and drawings into books. Whenever I come across an offer for a free photo book or a way to get one inexpensively, I go for it. I happened to use a photo book Groupon for both of these books. We have several little personalized books that the kids love to read.


When my oldest was 5, he drew a really cute book. So I scanned it in, uploaded it into a photo book and he was beyond thrilled to have his story published into a real, hardcover book. I love that it’s preserved and that now it’s a favorite bedtime story.

So our most recent family book was this one (sorry about the flash, not the best lighting):


The Z Took a Trip to the Zoo!


I love “The Z Was Zapped” by Chris VanAllsburg, so I used it as inspiration and found family pictures to go with each letter of the alphabet. Here are some of the pages we came up with.


(thanks to my teething daughter!)


My first-grader brought these Imagination glasses home from school one day. Perfect for I!


(and eating peppermint ice cream!)


(one of my favorite pages!)


(is the Dad dog pile a common thing at your house too?)


(a picture of our family at our visit to the zoo)

Books can be so much fun. Do you have any other great ideas for personalized books?!


  1. Such a fun idea! I want to make some of these. That abc book is really cute!

  2. This is insanely adorable! Happy weekend, sugar! xo

  3. Lindsy, I love this idea! You are so creative! I took pictures of my pre-k students dressed as different community helpers, and we made a beautiful class book out of them. I also made a name recognition book based on the "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" story by Eric Carle. I've had the children make their own "It Looked Like Spilled Milk" pictures and bound them into a book. I could go on and on, but I better stop. :)

    I would love it if you could come and visit my blog. I just put up some new freebies, and I have tons of guided reading books that I've made for both pre-k and k students.

    I'm your newest follower! :)

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT

  4. WOw, great idea. You make me wanna make a book like that with the kids in my class as well. So did you kinda spontaneously get the pictures sorted out with the alphabet or the photos are pre-planned?

    Kinda lost it at X though but shouldn't be blamed.


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