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Monday, May 21, 2012

Fancy Preschool {Manners}

This preschool day with our friends was so much fun. The kids loved it. I loved it. It was so fun to see them enjoying themselves so much. Thanks Camie for a fun day!

Our preschool day focused on Manners and it was Fancy!


  • Read Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor
    • So cute: I have two boys first, and then two girls, so I’m just learning about these Fancy Nancy books and I love them. Nancy decides her family is not fancy enough, so she brings out the accessories and they go out to a fancy meal.


  • ReadTea for Ruby by Sarah Ferguson … and activity kit here
    • Manners: Ruby lets everyone know that she has been invited to have tea with the Queen. They all give her reminders about her manners. Cute story, especially the ending. Love the illustrations too.

  • Please and Thank You Song … we watched this cute Barney song.


  • Dress Up Fancy!
    1. Pull out all of the dress up clothes, glasses, shoes, necklaces, purses and dress up fancy!
    2. The girls loved dressing up. We had fancy ties and jackets for the boys, but they liked the “superhero” capes the best Smile Whatever makes you feel fancy!

DSC01002 DSC01006 DSC01007

  • Decorate Fancy Crowns & Tiaras
    1. Give each of the kids a blank crown (or tiara for the girls!) Just cut them out of cardstock or find blank crowns like we used at a craft store like Michaels.
    2. Use Do-a-Dot markers and stickers to decorate your crown! The kids really enjoyed this.


  • Have a fancy tea party!
    1. Camie was amazing and pulled out the glass plates and goblets. Oh, did the kids think that was special and fancy!! The fancy snacks were displayed on fancy dishes and they even had fancy pudding parfaits with whipped cream and sprinkles (just like Fancy Nancy!) I didn’t get very good pictures, but the kids were loving it Smile What a fun party!
    2. Remind the kids to say please and thank you.
    3. NOTE: the glass goblets are from the dollar store!

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