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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I’m taking advantage of our U is for Up day to also learn about Opposites!

Up, Down ... Slow, Fast ... Stop, Go.


  • Read Great Day for Up by Dr. Seuss
    1. Make an “UP” finder … make a loop at the end of a pipe cleaner. Twist to secure the loop, then wrap the extra pipe cleaner around a pencil. Now you have an “UP” finder Smile
      DSC09337  DSC09339
    2. As you read the book, let your preschooler spy all of the “UP” words and loop them with the “UP” finder.


  • Glue your U page
    1. Cut out several small arrows.
    2. Draw a large letter U on your paper.
    3. Starting at the bottom, glue all of your arrows pointing UP!


  • Read Kipper's Book of Opposites by Mick Inkpen … we have this little board book and the kids just love it. Clean, simple pictures showing opposites. Any little opposites book will do.
  • Simon Says Opposites Game … play a little game of Simon Says to reinforce opposites.
    1. You are Simon. You say “Simon Says …. sit down.” and the kids sit down. Then say “Simon Says … stand up.” They stand up.
    2. Continue using fun opposite activities:
      • close your eyes … open your eyes
      • run fast … run slow
      • make a happy face … make a sad face
      • go to sleep … wake up
      • do a big, huge jump … do a teeny-tiny jump

oppositecards  image

  • Opposite Cards Race Game
    1. Use a set of opposite cards:
      • I have seen them in Target’s dollar spot and the dollar store.
      • These cute opposite cards from Mudpuppy (above) are available from Amazon here.
      • Print this great set of opposite cards from Kidz Club. You can print them in color or black & white and let the kids color them! Looks like you can glue them together to make a little opposite book, but just leave them separate for this game.
    2. Review the opposite cards so the kids can recognize the matches. You definitely don’t need to use them all.
    3. Place one half of the opposite cards at one end of the room and the other half at the other side of the room. (So big, up, and cold are at one end … small, down and hot are at the other.)
    4. To play: let the kids choose one card, run to the other end and find the opposite to match, then run back and show everybody!
    5. Give a high five to the next player and they choose a card and run.

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