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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


  • Preschool Down Under … okay, not the Australia down under…
    1. Spread out a blanket under the kitchen table and have preschool down under the table today!

up above

  • ReadUp Above and Down Below by Sue Redding … what fun illustrations! You can see what it going on up above as well as underneath!
  • Dig for the letter U
    1. Use a large plastic tub or sand table.
    2. Cut out a large letter U.
    3. Laminate and attach the letter "U" cutout to the bottom of a large container or sand table (or attach it with contact paper).
    4. Fill the container with sand, rice or shaving cream.
    5. Let the kids use their hands to dig for the letter and uncover it.


  • Over & Under Obstacle Course
    1. Use yarn to create an obstacle course in your hallway.
    2. Tie the yarn to anything you can or use pushpins.
    3. See if you can make it through the obstacle course without touching the yarn by going UNDER and over!
  • Play a game of hide & seek
    1. We used Easter eggs, but you could use anything you want to (cars, blocks, toys).
    2. Hide them UNDER things. We hid them under pillows, under chairs, under shoes. The kids loved doing it over and over again.
  • Snack Time … eat your snack UNDER the table today!

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  1. My little one just learned the word "up"! I love the "Up Above" book :)And the "laser" obstacle course is classic, I will have to remember that for when he's a little older.


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