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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day


  • Read Green Shamrocks by Eve Bunting … what a cute story about a rabbit who plants shamrock seeds to grow in time for St. Patrick’s Day, only to find the pot missing.

(62) matt's shamrocks

  • Grow your own Shamrocks
    1. In the past I have found little shamrock clover kits at Target in the dollar spot.
    2. They come with a little (tiny) pot, instant soil and shamrock seeds. They grow very quickly.
    3. I also saw a little terrarium-type kit with shamrock seeds at Michael’s the other day!

  shamrock  shamrockabc

  • Shamrock Dot-to-Dot … a perfect counting activity for St. Patrick’s Day from Kaboomu.
    1. Click here or here to print.
    2. Connect the dots from 1-40, then color!
    3. Or do the A-Z dot-to-dot!

shamrock hunt

  • Shamrock Treasure Hunt … you know that we love treasure hunts around here, so I’m loving this green idea from Little Wonders’ Days!
    1. Fill several Easter eggs (pick out all of the green ones, of course!) with gold coins (or chocolate coins!) or other treats.
    2. Write clues on shamrock cutouts.
    3. Hide the clues along with an egg!
shamrock outline
  •   Do-a-Dot Shamrock Counting Game
    1. Print out a large shamrock outline. Click on the image above, then right-click to print.
    2. Fill the entire shamrock with nickel-sized circles.
    3. To Play:
      • Roll a dice.
      • Count the dots.
      • Use a green do-a-dot marker to fill in that many shamrock dots.
      • Continue until the shamrock is full!

shamrock peppers

  • Shamrock Pepper Prints
    1. Cut a green bell pepper in half.
    2. Dip the cut end in green paint.
    3. Press onto a white piece of paper to make shamrock prints!
    4. Add a little stem with paint or a green marker.

shamrock paint

  • Mixing Shamrock Fingerpaints … fun idea from Mommy and Me Book Club 
    • Draw a large shamrock on watercolor paper.
    • Add one blob of blue paint + one blob of yellow paint.
    • Use your fingers to mix the paint to create green.
    • Let dry, then cut out your beautiful shamrock!
  • Sparkling Shamrocks
    • Fold a paper in half and cut out a white paper shamrock.
    • Unfold and let the kids paint one half blue and the other half yellow (fairly thick).
    • Refold the shamrock, smoothing from the fold outward.
    • Open up and sprinkle with a little green glitter. Wow!

grasshopper milkshake

  • Treat Idea: Shamrock Shakes … my kids will be in heaven with these Smile
    1. Scoop vanilla bean ice cream into a blender.
    2. Add several mint Oreos.
    3. Add a little milk.
    4. Blend to milkshake consistency. Enjoy!

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