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Friday, June 17, 2011

Traveling Journal


I loved this idea I saw over at eighteen25 so much that I stopped what I was doing at 11 o’clock last night and made one. Smile  I saw it just in time too because we are headed out on our first camping trip this weekend! It took a whole 20 minutes to put this together and I had all of the supplies. My plan is to keep it in the car to take on any of our trips, vacations or little outings this summer and have each person write a little and draw a picture about what they enjoyed or remember the most.

I used a plain composition notebook, some scrapbook paper, the traveling journal printable here and some clear packing tape.

    1. Just trace the front and back of the composition book on your scrapbook paper. Cut it out and use double-sided tape, sticky glue dots or I just used roll-up tape on the back.
    2. Print out the traveling journal label, cut it out and tape to the front of the book.
    3. I also added our name at the bottom, just to personalize it a bit.
    4. Then I decided to use clear packing tape (you could use contact paper) to laminate the whole thing … just to keep it a little more travel-friendly and hopefully it will last longer!

I had the kids start a journal page about our first hike of the summer from last Saturday. I love to see what they remembered and enjoyed! Just remember to put the date, where you were and their name somewhere on the page.

 DSC03412  DSC03414

And to make it a little more convenient, I put it into a gallon-sized ziploc bag with a box of colored pencils, a pencil sharpener and a pen. Hope you’re having a great summer!


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