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Monday, June 20, 2011

Dice Race Game (Numbers)

DSC03531 DSC03533 DSC03534

My 6-year-old started playing this Dice Game he learned in kindergarten (middle picture). Of course, my 3-year-old wanted to play too. He can’t write his numbers yet, so I made a quick game board for him too. This game is great for practicing number writing, counting and matching!

How to play:

    1. Roll the dice. Technically die, right? Dice sounds better to me Smile
    2. Match the dots on the dice to the dots at the bottom of your paper
    3. Trace one number & roll again.
    4. The goal is to see which number is rolled the most and makes it to the top of the page first.
    5. Play with 1 player (cut the page in half) or take turns rolling the dice with 2 players (play with the whole game board.)

You can draw your own quick chart (like the first picture) or download and print this one below that I made up with numbers to trace.

How to download:

    1. Click on the image below
    2. Click on “download” (at the bottom)
    3. Click on “save” or “open”

dice game 001


  1. Thank you for another great idea and printable. I love getting ideas from your blog.

  2. What a great game! I just played two rounds with my four year old and had a blast. Thank you!

  3. My kids won't stop playing this! Great game. Thanks!


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