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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Healthy Strawberry Fruit Parfaits

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We just went strawberry picking this morning and decided to make a yummy strawberry snack. I forget how DELICIOUS these are! I try to teach my kids how to make yummy & healthy snacks. The funny thing is, if I had put these in a regular bowl, they might have complained, but since they were in fun ice cream cups, they gobbled them up Smile

Parfaits are also great because the kids can help. My 3-year-old added the strawberries and sprinkled on the granola.

DSC03541Strawberry Parfaits

Yogurt, any flavor (we used vanilla)

Strawberries (any fruit would work, we also like blueberries)


Whipped cream (a little for the top)

  1. Layer the yogurt, strawberries and granola until the cup is full.
  2. Top with a little whipped cream


TIP!  I don’t buy Cool Whip anymore. Have you ever looked at the ingredients label? Smile with tongue out I just whip regular whipping cream, plus a little sugar and vanilla in the mixer for about 5 minutes. Sooooo yummy.

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