Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween {Eyeballs} Day

We have done several fun preschool days leading up to Halloween. Once a week we have our friend preschool and this was one of those days. It’s always more fun with friends!

eye book

  • Read The Eye Book by Dr. Seuss 
    1. This is really a great book. I loved being able to point out the colors of the eyes and all the things we can see with our eyes.  
    2. It’s rhyming text made it easy for the kids to guess which word should come next.


  • Mirror Fun
    1. Give each of the kids a small mirror.
    2. Have them observe their eyes closely and tell you what they see!
  • Preschool Journal Page
    • Practice writing Ee and “Eyes”
    • Put eyeball stickers all over page.


  • Squishy eyeball bags … a fun sensory activity that the kids really enjoyed. 
    1. Fill a plastic baggie 1/4 full of clear, light corn syrup.
    2. Add 1-2 drops of green food coloring and squish together until mixed. 
    3. Add several large googly eyes.
    4. Zip and tape the bag closed.
    5. Let the kids shmoosh the eyeballs around. Have them describe what they feel. We had great words … juicy, squishy, cold, slimy, gooey.

 DSC01731 DSC01735

  • Monster Eyeball Game … this game has two parts. We took our time because the kids were enjoying it and doing a great job!
    1. PART ONE:
      • Give the kids a paper sectioned into 6 squares.
      • Print and cut out shapes in different colors.
      • NOTE: I could have had the kids cut out the shapes themselves, but didn’t want to totally overwhelm them. So I just had them cut out one shape from the last color.
      • Have them glue one shape to each section.
      • Use a crayon to add arms and legs to the shapes. I told them not to add the eyes yet!
    2. PART TWO:
      • Beforehand, squish several (15-20) colored googly eyes into a ball of model magic (or playdoh) … I just love using model magic right now.
      • Have the kids use their fingers to find the eyeballs in the model magic.
      • As they find each colored eyeball, have them place it on the matching monster shape.
      • Continue until all of the eyeballs have been found and the monsters have lots of eyes!
      • TIP: we noticed that we could tell if there were still eyeballs hiding by listening for the googly eyes rattling in the model magic!

DSC01736 DSC01749

  • Eyeball Hunt … this ended up being more fun than I had planned and I wish I had better pictures. I’ve realized that it’s more fun for the kids to help do the prep work sometimes. I was going to have the monster drawn and ready for them, but decided to let them do it … and they loved it!
    1. On a large cardboard box, draw the outline of a monster. Not scary of course. Add antennae, lots of arms and legs, eyes, crazy hair.
    2. Give the kids washable markers and have them color the monster!! Encourage them to add anything they’d like. My kids added teeth, polka-dots, hair and lots of color.
    3. Mom’s Turn! Use a knife to cut holes where the eyes are. Now you’re ready for the game.
    4. Hide ping pong eyeballs (found at the dollar store at Halloween time!) around the room or outside.
    5. Have the kids find the eyeballs and poke them through the eyeholes. They stuck just enough that the kids had to pop them inside.
    6. They loved it!


  • Eyeball Snack
    1. Cut bananas into slices. Give the kids a box of raisins.
    2. Have them place one raisin on each banana slice to look like an eyeball.
    3. Place two candy eyeballs in a cup of pudding.
    4. I found these candy eyeballs at Michaels (Halloween time). You can also get them from Amazon here.


  1. Oooh, I love all of these activities, especially the eyeball hunt. It looks like so much fun! I have a bag of those dollar store eyeballs so I can't wait to put this together for my kids. :)

  2. I didn't realize you could use corn syrup for sensory bags! We always use hair gel. Thanks for the tip. I included it in my post today at


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