Thursday, July 14, 2011


  • Get a ruler and measure things around the house or outside.
    1. On a piece of paper, make simple drawings of items to measure (chair, stuffed animal, foot, book, fork)
    2. Write the number next to the drawing.
    3. TIP: try measuring with blocks, toothpicks or other objects … how many toothpicks long is this book? how many blocks long is it?
  • Growth Chart
    1. Measure your preschooler on a growth chart. We measure the kids every six months and they love seeing how much they’ve grown.
    2. They have even measured Buzz, Woody and their favorite puppy on the chart Smile
  • Show them a tape measure or fabric tape measure and try measuring with those
  • Use a thermometer to measure warm & cold water.
  • Measure while you bake!
    1. Bake your favorite recipe together using plenty of measuring cups and spoons.
    2. Let them fill the cups and measure themselves.
    3. Place a piece of wax paper under the cup to make clean up a little easier.
  • Measure Area
    1. I love this idea to measure area. Get two similar objects that are different sizes, like this huge leaf and little leaf.
    2. Use any kind of counter (unifix cubes, blocks, lacing beads) and cover the area of each.
    3. Count how many fit on each object.
  • Go on a Measurement Hunt
    1. Beforehand, use a ball of yarn to measure several small to medium objects in the room.
    2. Cut the yarn to length for each object and place the yarn in a bowl.
    3. Have the kids choose a piece of yarn and measure objects in the room until they find the object that fits their yarn length.

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