Sunday, May 22, 2011


  • Glue P page … Write a large letter P on a paper and glue POPCORN kernels onto your alphabet letter.
  • Popping Popcorn!
    1. If you have or can find an air popper, place it on the middle of a blanket with the lid off.
    2. Let the popcorn pop and fly while the kids try to catch it. I don’t have an air popper but this sounds like so much fun! SmileDSC04771
  • Popcorn TreeI thought this was a fun activity my 2-year-old did in nursery. Unfortunately it didn’t make it home with the popcorn (he had eaten it!).
    1. Draw a simple tree outline to fill your paper.
    2. Use double-sided tape (or glue if you make sure the kids aren’t going to eat it) and fill the tree with popcorn!
  • Sing “Popcorn Popping” … click the link for words, music & actions!
  • Make popcorn balls for a snack. Click the link for a recipe.

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