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Friday, October 2, 2015

B is for Banana

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Banana

  • Examine a banana
    1. What does it look like?
    2. What does it smell like?
    3. What does it feel like?
    4. What does it TASTE like?!

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Banana Preschool Alphabet: B is for Banana

  • Make a Banana ‘B’ … I wasn’t planning on this, but we ended up making a ‘B’ out of our bananas!

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Banana

  • Read Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana by James Dean … we love Pete the Cat books here. In this book, Pete loves bananas, until he eats a bad banana one day. It takes some time to realize he really loves bananas again Smile Book available here.

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Banana

  • Do ‘B’ journal page
    1. Write ‘Bb’ on the next blank page
    2. Write “BANANA” on the page.
    3. Practice writing big B’s and little b’s.
    4. Add banana stickers to the page. I used some that I found at JoAnn. There are some fun scratch-n-sniff banana stickers here.

Preschool Alphabet: B is for BananaPreschool Alphabet: B is for Banana

  • Use Bananagrams to Read, Build, Write … Bananagrams available here.
    1. Print these ‘Read, Build, Write’ cards here. Laminate the cards. I use this laminator at home. 
      Preschool Alphabet: B is for Banana
    2. I wrote a word and drew a simple picture so my 4-year-old could “read” the word.
    3. Use the Bananagrams to “build” the word.
    4. TIP: You could also use Scrabble tiles or ABC magnets or simply print the letters out and cut them apart.
    5. Let your preschooler practice writing the word.

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Banana

  • Read Banana! by Ed Vere … this book is uses only two words. Banana and please Smile It’s a fun picture book about two monkeys learning to share one banana. Simple and cute. Available here.

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Banana Preschool Alphabet: B is for Banana

  • Banana chip counting … great counting and one-to-one practice
    1. Print this banana counting page here.
    2. We used these transparent counting chips and they worked great. I was going to use these banana candies, but I just didn’t order them in time.
    3. Roll a die and count the dots.
    4. Cover that number of bananas with counting chips (or banana candies).
    5. TIP: My 2-year-old loved just covering each banana with a bingo chip. That works too Smile

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Banana

  • Slice a banana & make a snack
    1. Help your preschooler peel and slice a banana. A simple butter knife or plastic knife works well.
    2. Place banana slices in the bottom of a dessert cup.
    3. Mix a small package of banana-flavored instant pudding.
    4. Pour over the bananas.
    5. Refrigerate 5-10 minutes.
    6. Top with freshly whipped cream and mini Nilla wafers.


  1. I love this Banana day! I'm definitely going to use the Read-Build-Write cards during other preschool days too! (sorry you didn't have the banana candies :(

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