Monday, October 19, 2015

C is for Cookies

Preschool Alphabet: C is for Cookies

  • Read The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson … available here. 
    1. This is one of our very favorite books. All of the animals on the farm like their traditional food, but not the cow. He and the farmer have a deal.
    2. Before reading, ask the kids what different animals on a farm eat. What does a cow eat? Ask them to look at the cover and decide what this cow might like to eat!

Preschool Alphabet: C is for Cookies

  • Do ‘C’ journal page
    1. Write “Cc” on the next blank page.
    2. Write “COOKIES”. Show your preschooler the word “cookies” on the cover of the book and let them copy the letters.
    3. Practice writing big C’s and little c’s.
    4. Add cookie stickers to the page. I printed several cookie ingredients on sticker labels and used those for stickers.
    5. To Print:
      • Download the cookie sticker page here.
      • Load a sheet of label stickers (Avery #8163) into your printer.
      • Print and cut the labels apart between cookie images.

Mr. cookie baker

  • Read Mr. Cookie Baker by Monica Wellington … available here.
    1. I love these stories by Monica Wellington. The text is simple. The illustrations are bright and fun. A great cookie book Smile
    2. We noticed Mr. Cookie Baker’s hat and apron. We’ll be making those later!

Preschool Alphabet: C is for Cookies Preschool Alphabet: C is for Cookies

  • Cut and Paste “C is for Cookie” page … this is a simple and free page from 1+1+1=1. I love the cutting, pasting and beginning letter sound practice.
    1. Print “C is for Cookie” page here. Scroll down to the “Mr. Cookie Baker” unit and click on it to print.
    2. Look at the pictures together. Say the names.
    3. Cut on the dotted lines.
    4. Say the name of each picture together. Emphasize the beginning letter sound.
    5. Glue the /C/ sound pictures to the large letter C.

Preschool Alphabet: C is for Cookies

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Match Game … this was a lot of fun. Just a traditional matching game, but somehow much more fun when we’re matching cookies Smile
    1. Print 2 copies of the matching game below (4 pages total) and cut out each circle.
    2. Print the cookie backs above (print 4 copies).
    3. Glue the circles to the back of each cookie. I held the cookie paper up to the light and eyeballed where to glue each circle.
    4. Laminate the four cookie pages.
    5. Cut out each cookie.
    6. To Play:
      • Shuffle the cookies.
      • Lay out face-down on the table.
      • Turn over two cookies, trying to find a match. If not a match, turn back over.
      • TIP: To play with younger children, turn over two cards and leave them face up. Take turns turning over two cards until a match is found.

Preschool Alphabet: C is for Cookies

 Preschool Alphabet: C is for Cookies Preschool Alphabet: C is for Cookies

  • Dress up like a cookie baker! … dressing up makes everything more fun Smile 
    1. Make an apron.
      • I purchased a blank child-sized apron from Michaels. About $5 before coupon. Several options available here.
      • Use fabric markers or sharpies to decorate the apron!
      • I wrote my preschooler’s name. She decorated it then added her own drawings. I love it!
    2. Make a chef hat.
      • I used this tutorial from Cara at The First Grade Parade. Scroll to the bottom of her post for great pictures.
      • Cut a piece of white cardstock in half, lengthwise. Tape together to make a long band (she uses a sentence strip).
      • Use one piece of white tissue paper. We didn’t have white, so pink tissue paper worked just as well Smile
      • The tutorial is great, but in short, pinch and tape the bottom edge of the tissue paper to half the paper headband … kind of like gathering. Measure the headband around your head and tape. Finish pinching and taping the top edge of the tissue paper to the other half of the headband.
      • Poof the tissue paper and wear!

Preschool Alphabet: C is for Cookies Preschool Alphabet: C is for Cookies

  • Make Cookies! … now that we’re all fancied up with an apron and chef hat, we’re ready to bake some cookies.
    1. Take it slow. Make sure you have plenty of time to let your preschooler help scoop and measure and stir (and lick!)
    2. Let them help find the 1 cup and 1/2 cup. Let them try cracking the egg and measuring the vanilla. It will definitely make a bigger mess, but it makes great memories too Smile
    3. This is our favorite cookie recipe:image

Preschool Alphabet: C is for Cookies Preschool Alphabet: C is for Cookies

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Counting … an easy game to play while you’re waiting for the cookies to bake.
    1. Cut out 10 circles from brown foam craft paper.
    2. On one side, use a sharpie to write “1 one” and “2 two” … etc, up to “10 ten”
    3. On the opposite side, draw the matching number of dots.
    4. Help your preschooler arrange the cookies from 1 to 10.
    5. Give her a bowl of chocolate chips.
    6. Let her put one chocolate chip on each dot.
    7. I asked my 4-year-old to point to the cookie that showed how old she was. Which cookie shows how old your brother is? Which cookie has 5 chocolate chips. Which one has 7? We did a lot of counting Smile


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