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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

B is for Bears

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Bear Preschool Alphabet: B is for Bear

  • Turn into a Bear! … we used a little Halloween makeup to turn into Bears for the day Smile
    1. Use black Halloween makeup to make a black nose and line down to the mouth.
    2. Cut out a pair of brown ears (we used cardboard). Color the inside a darker brown.
    3. Tape to a headband.

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Bear

  • ReadBare Bear by Miriam Moss … a cute rhyming book about a bear whose clothes are blown from the clothesline. He goes searching for them and meets several fairy tale characters along the way. Book available here.

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Bear

  • Read Found by Salina Yoon … I wasn’t planning on reading this book, but my 4-year-old noticed the bear on the front and asked to read it. Turns out this book is really cute. Available here.

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Bear

  • Do ‘B’ journal page
    1. Write ‘Bb’ on the next blank page.
    2. Write “BEAR” on the page … I show my 4-year-old the word “bear” on the cover of one of our books and she copies the letters.
    3. Draw a bear!
    4. Add bear stickers. We used bear paw stickers that I found at Michaels.
gummy bear

Gummy Bear Song
(To the tune: Five Little Ducks)

Down at the candy shop, what did I see?
Five little gummy bears looking at me.
Along came (child’s name) with a penny one day.
She bought the (color) one and took it away.

Down at the candy shop, what did I see?
Four little gummy bears looking at me …

(repeat until all the gummy bears are gone!)


  • Gummy Bear Song & Game
    1. Pick out several gummy bears … all different colors.
    2. Give your preschooler the same number of pennies.
    3. Sing the song (above) and have your preschooler choose a gummy bear and “pay for it” with one penny.

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Bear Preschool Alphabet: B is for Bear

  • Gummy Bear Color Sorting
    1. Print this free ‘B’ colors sorting page here.
    2. Give your preschooler a small bowl of gummy bears.
    3. Help them sort their gummy bears onto the matching colored ‘B’
    4. Ask questions:
      • Which color has the most gummy bears?
      • Which color has the least gummy bears?
      • How many gummy bears are on the blue B?
      • Which color is your favorite?

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Bear Preschool Alphabet: B is for Bear

  • Make Circle Bears … detailed instructions on last year’s post here.
    1. PREP: Cut out all of the circles needed ahead of time. I traced around a plate, small bowl, cup and small lid to get my circles.
    2. My 4-year-old asked to help cut the circles out! She did a great job!
    3. Use a glue stick to make your circle bear.
    4. Use words like large, medium, small, dark brown, light brown as you work together!
    5. Write a large B on the tummy.
    6. The pictures show the difference between my 2-year-old and my 4-year-old. I love them both!

Preschool Alphabet: B is for Bear

  • Make a Bear Snack … it’s always easier to make snacks myself, BUT the kids love to help and it’s great practice for them! If I’m feeling patient and we’re not in a hurry, I try to let them help out.
    1. Spread a piece of bread with Nutella or peanut butter.
    2. Slice a banana. Use them for the eyes, muzzle, and ears.
    3. Add a raisin (we used chocolate-covered raisins) for the eyes.


  1. These are great ideas! We are going to use your circle bears and bear snack.


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