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Friday, September 19, 2014

B is for Bear {Goldilocks and the 3 Bears}


  • Read Goldilocks and the Three Bears … this is one of my very favorite versions. I love Caralyn & Mark Buehner’s books. The details in the pictures are a lot of fun too.


  • Gummy Bears & Sizes
    1. Print out this Goldilocks & the Three Bears size page.
    2. Grab a handful of gummy bears or teddy grahams (nine to be exact).
    3. As you read the story and the bears come back home, place a gummy bear on each item they observe:
      • the big, medium & small bowls of porridge
      • the big, medium & small chairs
      • the big, medium & small beds

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  • Find Goldilocks
    1. Just for fun, dress up like a bear. VERY SIMPLE. My 3-year-old has been eyeing the Halloween face paint, so we painted her nose black. Add a couple of brown paper ears to a headband and you have a bear Smile
    2. Hide Goldilocks somewhere in the room.
      • I printed out a picture from the book, laminated it & attached a popsicle stick.
      • You could also hide a doll or print and cut out a cute Goldilocks clipart here.
    3. Have your little “bear” look for Goldilocks.


  • Sorting Circles Sizes … sort circles, then use them for the next activity!
    1. Using different shades of brown, cut out the following circles.
      • 1 large dark brown circle
      • 1 medium dark brown circle, 1 medium medium-dark brown circle
      • 6 small dark brown circles, 1 medium-dark brown circle
      • 3 extra small black circles, 9 light brown circles
      • TIP: I used a plate, bowl, cup and glue cap to trace around the different circle sizes.
    2. Help the kids sort the circles into similar sizes.
    3. Use words like big, biggest, large, medium, small, smallest, etc.


  • Build a Bear
    1. Using the sorted circles and a glue stick, help the kids put together their own brown bear.
    2. I showed my preschooler a picture of a finished bear to look at while we worked.
    3. She used the glue stick on her own to add the circles.
    4. Write a large letter B on his tummy. We practiced write ‘B’ a few times with several different crayons.


  • Finger Paint a Brown Bear
    1. Print out this great bear outline at Twisty Noodle. I love that you can customize the text on the page.
    2. Trace the letters.
    3. Use brown paint to finger paint the bear!


  • Make Porridge for Lunch … if you look closely in the Buehner’s book, you’ll see a canister of oatmeal (porridge) on the counter Smile
    1. Make a batch of oatmeal. My 3-year-old helped measure and add the water and oatmeal.
    2. Add your favorite toppings. We sprinkled brown sugar and blueberries on top.
    3. We also used a Papa-sized, Mama-sized, and Wee-Bear-sized bowls.

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