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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween {Candy Corn} Day


  • Read “Julius’s Candy Corn” by Kevin Henkes … I love these simple, little books from Kevin Henkes. This one came in a set of five books that my kids absolutely love. I was thrilled that it is still available here. The set comes with:
    • Julius’s Candy Corn
    • Shiela Rae’s Peppermint Stick
    • Owen’s Marshmallow Chick
    • Wemberly’s Ice Cream Star
    • Lily’s Chocolate Heart        …………… love them all!


  • Preschool Journal Page
    1. Write “candy corn”
    2. Draw a picture of candy corn
    3. Put candy corn stickers all over page.


  • Candy Corn Squares … my preschoolers enjoyed making these today. I love that they were practicing so many skills … colors, cutting, and sorting!
    1. Draw a simple candy corn outline on black paper with a white crayon.
    2. Cut white, yellow, and orange paper into strips.
    3. Give the kids one strip of each color and show them how to snip the paper to make squares.
    4. Use glue sticks to glue the squares to each section.
      1. TIP: I just smeared glue stick all over one section at a time and they filled it with colored squares.
    5. I love how differently my 4 and 2-year-olds pictures came out!


  • Candy Corn Counting … this has been a favorite activity since my 8-year-old was about 3-years-old. I made these with craft foam paper and they’ve survived wonderfully all these years. See how I made them here.
    1. Number each candy corn 1-10.
    2. Add that many dots to each candy corn. I like to do this so if my kids don’t recognize the number, they can count the dots to find out.
    3. Use real candy corn to count out each number.


  • Candy Corn Roll & Remove Game
    1. Print this festive game board from Princess and the Tot.
    2. Place one candy corn in each box.
    3. Roll two dice.
    4. Add up the numbers and eat the candy corn in that number’s box!
    5. See how we have played this game before (plus a free any-time-of-the-year game board!) by clicking here.


  • Candy Corn Trail Mix … this was out after-school snack today. Mmm.
    1. You can do any combination you like. We used
      • Popcorn
      • Cheez-It Trail Mix
      • Candy corn
      • Reese’s Pieces
    2. All of the Reese’s and candy corn were falling to the bottom, so I melted a little white candy melt, drizzled it on top and mixed it in. Worked much better.


  1. I'm doing candy corn TOMORROW (yes, I already had that planned). I forgot about the Julius' Candy Corn book. Adding that to the plan! Thanks :)

  2. All the activities are SUPER! Loved them! :D


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