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Saturday, May 21, 2011


We have a lot of fun during the week before Halloween. You can either do Halloween as part of H week, or we usually give the holidays their very own week. Here are some of the things we did this year for Halloween week:


  • Print out these pumpkin faces. Click the link, then scroll to the very bottom of the page, there are five to print out. Cut them out and try to copy their expressions Smile


  • Candy Corn Counting.
    1. Get a sheet each of white, orange and yellow sticky back craft foam paper. I love the foam paper because you don’t need to laminate it and it doesn’t rip easily.
    2. Draw a simple candy corn shape on white cardstock, then use strips of the foam paper to create 10 large candy corn.
    3. Write numbers 1-10 on the bottom and that many dots in the middle. Now your preschooler can use candy corn to count out the numbers 1 to 10 (and eat a few too).


  • Halloween BINGO … we play this for just about every holiday.
    1. Simply make a grid 3x3, 4x4 whatever you like.
    2. Fill each space with clipart. I like to use Microsoft Clipart because it’s free, has cute clipart and is easy to download or copy.
    3. Make an extra set to cut up and use for the ones you draw.
    4. Use candy corn (my favorite) for markers.

DSC09123 bood

  • Make Halloween sugar cookies.
    1. We try to decorate them with faces on them, but this is how they usually end up looking (tasty!) and deliver them.
    2. Or leave them at a friend’s door with this cute little note (above), knock and run! Click the link for a PDF to print!
  • Make a Q-tip skeleton.
    1. Cut out a simple skull shape and glue it to the top of a black paper.
    2. Use Q-tips and glue to make the rest of the skeleton body … a backbone, ribs, arms, legs.
    3. Cut the ends off the Q-tips to use for hands and feet.

DSC09148  DSC09155

  • Toilet Paper Ghost Bowling
    1. Draw a simple ghost face on 10 rolls of toilet paper.
    2. Stack them up and use a pumpkin or ball to go bowling!
  • Stack the TP rolls as high and you can and knock them over. Or see how many TP rolls tall the kids are.
  • Mummy Wrap
    1. Use one whole roll to wrap and wrap around someone to make a live mummy.
    2. The best part afterwards was breaking out and playing with the shredded TP all over the room (cleans up surprisingly fast too!)

snack idea: Pumpkin Faces

DSC09080I found these plates at the dollar store one year. The kids love having special plates for each holiday. Turn whatever snack you’re having into a jack-o-lantern face! Would work just as well on a regular plate too Smile

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. fun ideas! we do mummy wrapping - always such a laugh inducer!

    would love for you to link up your fun & any other ideas to the sunday showcase -



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