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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ice Cream

  • Glue I page ... draw a large letter I, cover the lines with ice cream cone stickers
  • Make homemade ice cream in a bag (click link for recipe)

DSC09238 DSC09243 DSC09244

  • Play an ice cream cone game
    1. Cut out brown triangles for cones & 20-30 circle ice cream scoops (from different colored paper). Click here for some cute ice cream and cones ready to print from Making Friends.                                ice cream5 ice cream 4
    2. Roll a die. Whatever number you roll, add that many scoops to your cone. Play until all the scoops are served.
    3. For older kids: mark + or - on either side of a coin or plastic lid. Have the kids toss this first, roll the die, then add or subtract that number of scoops.
  • Make an ice cream cone shape picture ... cut out triangles & circles and let the kids glue them on a paper
  • Puffy Ice Cream Cones …can’t wait to try this idea from Little Running Teacher with my kids. Homemade puffy paint ice cream cones!

ice cream2ice cream3

    1. Cut out a brown ice cream cone and draw lines on it. Glue to another paper.
    2. Mix 3 parts shaving cream + 1 part white glue.
    3. Ask the kids what “flavor” ice cream they would like (red paint = strawberry, yellow paint = banana). Add the paint.
    4. Give the kids a popsicle stick or spoon and have them mix, mix, mix!
    5. Use hands to spread the puffy paint onto their ice cream cone paper.
    6. Let dry 2-3 days, then feel the smooth, puffy, squishy ice cream!

Snack Idea: homemade ice cream with sprinkles

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