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Thursday, November 7, 2013

H is for Humpty Dumpty

little lumpty

  • Read “Little Lumpty” by Miko Imai 

    This is a great book that my kids and I really enjoyed. Little Lumpty lives in the town of Dumpty, the same town and the same wall that Humpty Dumpty fell from years ago. Little Lumpty is curious and climbs the wall, but how he gets down is another story.

PB041608 PB041610

  • Humpty Dumpty eggs
    1. Use a sharpie marker to draw a simple face on a raw egg.
    2. There’s something about holding a real egg that my kids are fascinated about. We had to learn to be very gentle with the eggs because they can break very easily!
    3. Talk about the oval shape, the smooth, cool texture or anything the kids notice.


  • Build Humpty Dumpty’s wall
    1. Use duplos or other blocks to build a tall wall.
    2. While you’re working, see what other words you can rhyme with TALL and WALL.
    3. Place the tall wall inside a glass dish (to catch poor Humpty).
    4. Place your Humpty Dumpty egg on top of the wall and sing the Humpty Dumpty rhyme. Let the kids roll Humpty off the wall!! Their reactions are awesome Smile
    5. We noticed that just like the rhyme, we “couldn’t put Humpty together again.”


  • Scrambled Dumpty Smile with tongue out
    1. My kids enjoyed letting their Humpty Dumpty eggs fall off the wall so much, we ended up with six eggs to scramble for lunch.
    2. Let the kids help cut up some ham or turkey deli meat (it will cut with a butter knife).
    3. They can help scramble the eggs with a wire whisk.
    4. Cook the eggs and serve for lunch!
  • Humpty Dumpty Coloring Page
    1. While the scrambled eggs are cooking, the kids can color this fun rhyming coloring page.
    2. Print here from Carl’s Corner.


  • Humpty Puzzle Fixed with Bandaids … how’s that for a title?! My kids actually loved this and couldn’t figure out how it happened Smile
    1. Cut out a large oval from white cardstock.
    2. Draw a Humpty Dumpty face on the oval.
    3. Let the kids help color Humpty. My kids added legs and a tongue.
    4. Set Humpty up on a high shelf, ledge or mantel. Make a big deal about “Oh, I hope Humpty doesn’t fall!”
    5. Finish the rest of your preschool activities.
    6. Sometime during the day (I did this when we left to pick up the boys from school…) be sneaky and cut Humpty into puzzle pieces. Scatter the pieces on the floor.
    7. Let the kids discover poor Humpty and suggest they use bandaids to fix him.
    8. My kids loved this and kept asking how he fell and broke into pieces!

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