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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

G is for Gumballs

The best thing about preschool at home with my kids is that we can do whatever we want! So we did a G is for Gumballs day! So fun.



  • Preschool Journal G Page
    1. Practice writing Gg and “Gumball”
    2. Draw a gumball Smile 
    3. Put gumball stickers all over page. I couldn’t find any, so I just printed this gumball image on sticker paper. Amazon does have some cute ones here .

  • Sticky Bubblegum Song
    1. This is a cute little song that will have the kids laughing.
    2. Let the kids choose where their hands will stick! 


  • Gumball Sticker Machine
    1. Print this terrific gumball machine from Motherhood on a Dime here
    2. Use dot stickers (in the office supply section) to fill up the gumball machine with colorful gumballs.
    3. OPTIONAL:
      • You could write A-Z or 1-10 all over the gumball machine.
      • Have the kids put a gumball sticker over each one as they count 1-10 or A-Z.
    4. OPTIONAL:
      • Laminate your gumball machine printable.
      • Use playdoh (or my new favorite, model magic). Roll into balls and fill your gumball machine with gumballs .
      • Thanks for the fun idea Deborah at Teach Preschool.

DSC01927DSC01934  DSC01936

  • Gumball Machine Fun
    1. I found these great little gumball machines at the Dollar Tree! There are also several to choose from here. 
    2. Let the kids have fun filling the machine with colorful gumballs.
    3. Let them dispense the gumballs.
    4. Sort the gumballs into colored bowls.
    5. OR … Have them put one gumball in each section of a Mini Ice Cube Tray and treat the ice cube tray like a graph. I found these at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $2.99 for a set of two.
  • Blowing Bubblegum
    1. Have the kids decorate a large circle to look just like themselves.
    2. Or take a picture of the kids with their cheeks puffed out & print a large copy.
    3. Blow up a small pink balloon and tie.
    4. Poke a small hole where the mouth is and insert the tied end of the balloon bubble.
    5. It will look just like they’re blowing a bubblegum bubble!


  • Gumball Obstacle Course … inspiration here.
    1. Set up a simple obstacle course.
    2. Have the kids place one gumball on a spoon.
    3. Maneuver through the gumball obstacle course.
    4. If the gumball falls, grab it, run back to the beginning and try again.

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  1. Fun, fun! Thank you! Another super cute book to go along with this day is "Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum" by Lisa Wheeler.


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