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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sight Words: AND

My 5-year-old starts kindergarten in the fall. He knows several sight words, but I want to work on a few more between now and then. I decided to focus on “AND” during our preschool day.


  • Read Big and Little by Samantha Berger and Pamela Chanko … this is a little board book we have comparing opposites. It was perfect because every page has the word “AND” and the text is very simple. You can find it used on Amazon.
    1. Introduce the book. Point to each word in the title as you read it.
    2. Ask the kids to show you which word is “AND”.
    3. Ask them how to spell “AND” (let them look at the title).


  • “AND” catcher
    1. Cut a small donut from craft foam paper.
    2. Attach it to a craft stick (I used strong tape. Hot glue would work great!)
    3. Wah-lah! Your very own “AND” catcher.
    4. As you read the story, let the kids catch each “AND” word they spy.


  • Post-It “AND” game … this game mixes the new sight word “and” with words the kids already know.
    1. Write “and” on several post-it notes.
    2. Write the names of people in your family, or friends in preschool.
    3. Stick the post-it notes all over the room where the kids can reach them. I let the kids do this. They stuck them on the windows and doors and mirrors and walls.
    4. Take turns finding one name and one “and”.
    5. Stick them along the wall (we stuck them to the mantel) to form a L-O-N-G sentence, starting with the name. As they add new post-its have them read the growing sentence.


  • Silly Sentence game … this is a fun little game that the kids can use to create silly sentences using the word AND! Available here.
    1. Beforehand, sort the pieces. I used the nouns (frog, dinosaur, fish, ball), the “the” pieces and the periods.DSC05320
    2. I also used the “ate” pieces, but covered the word with our new sight word “and”. I just used the sticky part of a post-it note, wrote “and” and stuck it over the word “ate” (make sense?!)DSC05315
    3. Show the kids how to form a simple sentence using the different pieces!
      • NOTE: My 5-year-old took off and loved doing this on his own. He would READ (!) the whole sentence back to me when he finished. My 3-year-old needed a little more help, but she enjoyed it too.


  1. I don't know why but my family has two copies of that book! I think they must've come from our pediatrician's office in St. Louis- we got a new book every visit. : ) Great ideas!

    1. Camie, how funny :) I think that's where we got ours too!

  2. I absolutely love these ideas. And what a great way to help prepare your son for kindergarten. I do a little in-home summer program for neighborhood kids preparing to enter kindergarten and I might use some of these ideas. They're great. It is fun that you teach your child at home. We take our kids to preschool in Tacoma WA. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Do you know if any of the preschool's in Tacoma WA do this? I think it would help my son, he has shown mild signs of autism, and I just want to give him the best shot possible.

  5. These look like sight word games that we do at a preschool in Tacoma, WA that I work at! The kids love a challenge and it is amazing to see their improvement!

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  8. I love the silly sentence game! and how you changed it to include your focus word. Great idea!

  9. I love your blog. I wish I could find a Woodinville preschool that was like this. I would love to get my son in my environment like this.

  10. I love this! I wonder if they have a preschool in Washington similar to this. I'll have to keep looking.

  11. Really a good approach to teach kids in home and preparing for preschools. In this way they can do better in preschool and after that in schools. They will develop self learning capability too.

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