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Monday, February 27, 2012

T is for Toothpicks

When we do preschool at home, I’ve noticed it helps to start off the same way every day … even if it’s just me and my kids. So this is how we always start preschool.

  • SingHere We Are Togetherclick here for words and music.
    1. The kids like that we get to say all of our names in the song.
  • Sing “The ABC Song” … today we clapped when we got to letter T.


  • Toothpick Ts
    1. Give the kids two toothpicks (I got this box of 1000 at the dollar store)
    2. Ask them to try to make a letter T with their toothpicks.
    3. See if they can change it to make a lowercase T.

DSC09300  DSC09296DSC09298

  • Pointing out Ts with toothpicks
    1. You could use any story, but I had picked out “Alice the Fairy” by David Shannon and it worked out just right. Lots of upper and lowercase Ts.
    2. Give the kids one toothpick.
    3. As you read the story, have them use their toothpick to point to Ts.
    4. I kind of overemphasized the T sound on some of the words, so they’d recognize the sound and be able to find the Ts.


  • Tape your T page
    1. I drew a big T on my 2-year-olds paper, and my 4-year-old did his own.
    2. Give the kids several toothpicks and pieces of tape (just stick them to the edge of the table for them to grab)
    3. Let them tape their toothpicks to the letter T!


  • Playdoh & Toothpicks
    1. Bring out the playdoh and add some toothpicks!
    2. My kids had fun making arms and legs, lollipops, barbells and flowers.
    3. Lots of fun for the imagination Smile

DSC01450_thumb3  DSC01455_thumb2

  • Make toothpick juice popsicles … we make these a lot, but they’re perfect for a toothpick day!
    1. Pour juice into an ice cube tray (fill a squirty bottle with juice and let the kids do it without any mess!)
    2. Cover the ice cube tray with foil. Press it down so you can see where the sections are.
    3. Poke a toothpick into each section.
    4. Freeze, then pop out and enjoy your juice popsicles!

DSC09306 DSC09308

  • Toothpick Scratch Art … I got this pack of 4 in the party favor at Target before Christmas. You can also find them on Amazon.
    1. My kids love these!
    2. Use a toothpick to draw letters and pictures on the rainbow scratch paper. The black scratches off to show the colors underneath. So cool!
    3. I just drew a large T and will let them color it however they want.

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  1. Awesome ideas for the letter T! I love it! Thanks for sharing!


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