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Thursday, August 11, 2011


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  • Airplane Banner
    1. I love printing out this airplane alphabet banner from
    2. Let the kids color it and trace the dot letters.
    3. Great tracing, letter writing and cutting practice.
  • Visit a local airport and watch the airplanes. We just have a small airport in our town, but the kids love getting up close to the planes and if we’re lucky we can see one take off or land.
  • Fold paper airplanes and fly them! Click here for instructions on how to fold them.
  • Get a simple balsa wood airplane (I’ve seen them for $1.00 at Michaels craft store or you can find them here), help the kids follow the instructions and fly them!

candy airplaneTreat Idea: Candy Airplanes … these are fun to put together and yummy to eat. Click the picture for a link to this version from

Snack Idea: Edible Airplanes … a healthier version of the candy airplanes Smile

                1. Use a piece of celery generously filled with peanut butter for the airplane body.
                2. Skewer a toothpick through the celery and poke a sliced carrot or grape on each side for wheels.
                3. Place a rectangle graham cracker on top (the peanut butter should hold it in place) to make the wings!

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