Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Flower Graphing *reusable

For this *reusable* graphing activity you will need:

First, print as many graphs as you have kids/students. Laminate those graphs or put them in a sheet protector to make it reusable.

Next, with wet erase markers draw one flower at the bottom of each column. I used the 6 colors in the rainbow, to go with my spinner.

Then, get a spinner with rainbow colors. [I made mine, using the back of a spinner from a board game we have, a circle rainbow sticker (printed on sticker paper and cut out), then pulled the arrow spinner off the board and to put it on the back.]  Or you can google spinner printables and use a paper clip!

Last, play the game! *take turns spinning if you are playing with a group.

  • Spin the arrow to see which color you get.
  • Find that color flower, mark it on the graph with a dry erase marker (we drew F’s because it was during our letter F week)
  • Repeat, until one column is filled up.

When one column is filled, then you can ask questions about the graph:

  • Which color flower had the most spins?
  • Which color flower had the least?
  • Which two flowers had the same amount?
  • How many MORE red flowers are there than blue?
  • How many orange and green flowers are there together?
  • etc….

**You can use this graphing activity for ALL KINDS of
different themes (umbrellas, dogs, ants, kites, etc!!)

There are more flower activities HERE on the blog and you can watch more F week ideas HERE on Instagram.

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