Thursday, March 5, 2020

E is for Eyes

  • Eye color sorting
    • The dollar store has plastic eye balls, usually during Halloween time. Stock up! Try to get different colored eyes if possible!
    • Using paper craft rolls (or TP rolls) paint or color them colors to match the eyeball colors. AKA ‘sorting tubes’.
    • Tape them to a container, or wall, or other place that your preschooler can drop the eyes in and have them fall through. *we used a big plastic tub.
    • Make sorting a fun moving game. 
      • Put all the unsorted eyes in a bag, bowl or lay them on the floor on one side of the room and the sorting tubes on the other side. Have your preschooler/s run back and forth sorting.
      • Put the different sorting tubes in different places in the room, and the eyes in the middle. Have them pick one eyeball, run to that colored sorting tub and drop the eye in. Run back and get another.
      • Lay out the different colored eyeballs and tell your preschooler a color. They will find one eyeball that color and put it in the matching sorting tube. Come back and do it again.

  • Play I Spy
    • Using our eyes, we played a game of I spy!
      • 1 round – only spy a color
      • 2 round – only spy shapes
      • 3 round – only spy high or low
      • etc.

  • Circles & Eyeball drawing
    • With my Silhouette machine, I cut out TONS of different sized circles on different colored paper.
    • I laid them out on the table with some markers and let the kids get creative drawing eyeballs.
      • show them different kinds of eyes. Ie: cat eyes, human eyes, scary eyes, sad eyes, sleepy eyes, spider eyes, etc.
    • If your “E is for Eyes” preschool is during Halloween season, tape them all over as a decoration (we put ours on the garage door!)

**For more Eye preschool activities, click HERE**

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