Friday, December 7, 2012

A Grinchy Preschool Day

Tonight is movie night.

We are watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and having grinchy treats. The kids are excited about it. I decided to have a Grinchy preschool today before we watch the movie.

grinch stole christmas

  • Read “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss … a holiday classic.


  • Little Rhyming Books
    1. Point out several rhyming words in the book.
    2. Read a sentence or two and have the kids guess what the rhyming word could be.
    3. Staple several small papers together, making the bottom piece longer than the rest.
    4. Write a word chunk on the last piece of paper (so you can see it as you read the whole book.) We used –at and –un.
    5. Have the kids help you think of rhyming words and name the beginning letter sound. Write that letter on one flap.
    6. Continue until the whole rhyming flap book is complete.
    7. Help the kids read their rhyming book.


  • Grinch Coloring … we used this for part of our next game below.
    1. Print a copy of the Grinch. We used the page here.grinch
    2. Color the Grinch and cut it out.
    3. Cut out a simple Grinch body and legs from green paper.
    4. Glue the Grinch’s head to the body.


  • Grinch’s Heart Game
    1. In the book, the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes on Christmas.
    2. Cut out several red hearts.
    3. Talk with the kids about why the Grinch’s heart grew and how it made him feel.
    4. Explain to the kids that the Spirit of Christmas makes our hearts feel good and “grow” inside. Today, every time they do something kind for someone else (make their bed, do a job for them, put their lunch dishes away…) they can leave a heart for that person. When they find a heart, they get to glue it to the Grinch.
    5. Don’t forget to remind the kids and ask them how they feel when they do something nice for someone else. (Don’t forget to do several small acts of service yourself!)

DSC02932 DSC02936

  • Grinch Bead Bracelet
    1. Give the kids a length of elastic.
    2. Set out a bowl of green beads.
    3. Tape one end of the elastic to the table.
    4. Let the kids string green Grinch beads to make a bracelet.
    5. Tie and wear!

Grinch Movie Night


  • Enjoy Grinchy Treats
    1. Grinchy Popcorn … original recipe here. Sweet and salty. This got thumbs up all around Smile 
      • Pop popcorn and remove the seeds.
      • Melt green candy melts in the microwave according to the directions.
      • Pour all over the popcorn and stir well.
      • Spread the popcorn over a sheet of parchment and let cool.
    2. Grinchy Milkshake
      • Blend green mint ice cream and milk in a blender.
      • Pour into glasses and serve.
      • Another Grinch drink with lime sherbet and 7up here.
    3. Grinchy Snacks
      • green grapes
      • cucumber slices, broccoli and dip
      • green M&Ms


  1. This looks like a super fun movie night! I love your list of snacks and activities.

  2. You've inspired us to have a Grinch movie night too! We're coloring our own Grinch and eating some fun snacks with the movie. Thanks!

  3. Great ideas! What a nice blog. We're doing similar stuff over at God Bless!

  4. I love the rhyming books you made. I'm going to have to try this. Thanks!

  5. These pics are so sweet, and your lists are clear and precise. Lots of fun ideas here! Unfortunately, I am "between" preschoolers right now (like some people are "between jobs") as my kids are teenagers -- too old to play with, and too young to have their own kids, haha!
    I still make fun stuff for preschoolers, though, because I just love it...!

    Come by my blog at and let me return some fun to you through my Fran's Freebies -- free printables for parents & teachers. I just added a Big and Little cards set today, and a preschool sizes worksheet set with nice big colorful graphics. I've got so much more that I am adding new stuff every week...! :O>


I love your comments! Feel free to leave a link if you've done any of these activities with your kids. I'd love to visit your blog!

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