Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A is for Airplane


  • Read “My First Airplane Ride” by Patricia Hubbell
  • airplane DSC00593

  • Make a Simple Airplane … a cute and simple craft from Parents.com. My kids LOVED these. They played with them all morning. And with the hot glue, they were almost indestructible!
    1. For each airplane, paint one clothespin, 2 popsicle sticks and 1 mini popsicle stick.
    2. Let dry. (We just colored the pieces with crayons so we didn’t have to wait for them to dry!)
    3. Glue one wing to the top and one to the bottom of the clothespin.
      • NOTE: I like to use hot glue because it dries quickly and is strong. If you want the kids to use regular glue, it may have to dry overnight.
    4. Glue the mini craft stick to the back of the clothespin.
    5. Cut a small tail wing from foam craft paper and glue on.
  • Airplane Game
    1. Give each of the kids a small airplane (or use the one you made above.)
    2. Give them spatial commands to follow:
      • Stand beside your airplane
      • Jump over your airplane
      • Fly your airplane over the chair
      • Stand under the airplane
      • Sit near your airplane
      • Do a rocket blast in front of your airplane
      • Stand behind your airplane

image10 image11

  • Airplane Banner
    1. I love printing out this airplane alphabet banner from www.funlessonplans.com
    2. Let the kids color it and trace the dot letters.
    3. Great tracing, letter writing and cutting practice.

  • Airplane Music Game
    1. Let the kid use their little airplanes for this game (or just put your arms out like wings)
    2. Play flying music (any music you like or use this Airplane Song by Barney) and have the kids fly around the room.
    3. Stop the music and have them “land”
      1. OPTIONAL: place large letters around the room (A, B and C). When the music stops, ask them to land at “Airport A” or “Airport B”
    4. Start the music and take off again.
  • ‘A’ Paper Airplanes
    1. Have the kids write the letter A all over a piece of paper.
    2. Help them fold the paper into a paper airplane and fly their letter A airplanes!


  • Fly Foam Airplanes … I found these great foam airplanes at Dollar Tree last week! My boys played with them all afternoon trying the wings and tail wing in different positions. They have held up to pretty intense boy play Smile I’m pretty impressed for $1.00.
  • Visit the Airport
    1. We just have a small local airport, but the kids love visiting to see the little airplanes.
    2. Bring a picnic lunch & enjoy watching the planes fly in and out!

candy-airplane13  DSC00591

  • Airplane Snack Ideas
    1. Candy Airplanes … these are fun to put together and yummy to eat. Click the picture for a link to this version from familyfun.com
    2. I let the kids pick out a candy, so we went with Rolos. Maybe a little overkill Smile I’d stick with smarties next time!


    1. Edible Airplanes … a healthier version of the candy airplanes Smile
      • Use a piece of celery generously filled with peanut butter for the airplane fuselage (body).
      • Skewer a toothpick through the celery and poke a sliced carrot or grape on each side for wheels.
      • Place a rectangle graham cracker on top (the peanut butter should hold it in place) to make the wings!


  1. This is perfect for my son. Thank you so much for posting!

  2. The celery plane is the greatest for school kids to make using
    cheese whiz


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