Monday, March 19, 2012

Eggs & Bird Nests

I love Spring and Easter time.

My friend, Camie, hosted preschool at her house earlier this month and we spent a wonderful morning full of eggs and nests … perfect for Spring!

golden egg book

  • Read The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown … I had never seen this book, but I actually just ordered one for myself! I loved it. It has a vintage look, adorable illustrations and a cute story. 

    BOOK DESCRIPTION: One little bunny finds an egg and tries every which way to open it because he wants to find out what is inside (He jumps on it, rolls it down a hill, and even throws a rock at it … a very small rock, and not very hard, because he’s not a very big little bunny.) He can hear something peck, peck, pecking inside. Then he falls asleep and the something comes out! Very cute.

chickens aren't the only ones

  • Read Chickens Aren't the Only Ones by Ruth Heller.
    1. Before reading, ask the kids if they know any animals that come from eggs.
    2. My 4-year-old was excited to share that dinosaurs come from eggs. And I was impressed that even dinosaurs were included in this book.

DSC09524  DSC09525

  • Egg Game … the kids loved choosing and opening Easter eggs to discover what animal was inside!
    1. Gather several empty plastic Easter eggs
    2. Print out a small picture of animals that lay eggs, about 1” square and put them in the eggs. Include enough copies for each of the kids. We used these for another activity later. Click the image below to print the pictures we used. All images are from Microsoft Clipart.


    3. Spread the eggs out on the floor and let the kids choose one egg.
    4. Open it and discover what animals come from an egg!


  • Egg Wiggle Game … I thought this game was adorable. Kids are so funny. Some days they jump right up and wiggle along. And some days they look at you like you’re crazy for wiggling like an octopus Smile
    1. Cut out several colorful egg shapes (or use a pack of foam egg shapes)
    2. On the back, attach a picture of an animal that comes from an egg. Click the picture below to print the animals we used:
        • dinosaur
        • octopus
        • frog
        • turkey
        • spider
        • snake
        • fish
    3. Turn the egg shapes upside-down on the floor and have one of the kids choose one.
    4. Act like that animal … Wiggle like an octopus! Hop like a frog!

DSC09528 DSC09557

  • Giant Egg & Poem
    1. Cut out a large egg shape.
    2. Print the following egg poem. Cut & paste it to the center of the egg.


    3. Use the small 1” animal pictures from the game above.
    4. Let the kids glue the pictures all over the egg! Gluesticks worked great!

bird's nest cookies

  • Bird Nest Cookies … treats are always a treat at Camie’s house! She made these yummy bird nest treats for the kids. I had one too, of course! You can visit her blog, Pass the Peas, Please for the recipe!
green eggs and ham deviled
  • Deviled Green Eggs & Ham … and always a more grown-up treat for the moms Smile These were so good, I had a couple. A perfect combination of egg, ham and green spinach! Get the recipe at Pass the Peas, Please.

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  1. Fabulous unit on eggs that's perfect for our Letter E storytime next week! We will recite the poem, and make a little book w/ it & the color photos. You did all the work for me; the teen volunteers are folding donated paper into minibooks. There are up to 40 children at 2 storytimes so I'll give each just one row of 5 photos to stretch the color printing. Mahalo, thank you!


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