Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easter Bunnies!

home for a bunny

  • Read “Home For a Bunny” by Margaret Wise Brown … this little bunny searches the springtime forest for a home of his very own.
  • Sort the bunny tails … inspired by The Princess and the Tot!
    1. Paint half of an egg carton with rainbow colors. I love this idea for sorting! Or make it super simple and use a muffin tin like we did Smile
    2. Place several colorful pom poms in a bowl. The Princess and the Tot used adorable bunny counters I searched and couldn’t find any. Pom-poms, like these will make great “bunny tails”!
    1. Use kid's chopsticks to sort the “bunny tails” into the correct “home” color!
  • Bunny Fingerplay … hold up fingers as you say this poem!

    Five Little Bunnies

    One little bunny,
    Wondering what to do,
    another bunny came along,
    Then there were two.

    Two little bunnies,
    Hopping like me,
    Another bunny came along,
    Then there were three.

    Three little bunnies,
    Jumping by my door,
    Another bunny joined them,
    Then there were four.

    Four little bunnies,
    So fluffy and alive,
    Another bunny joined them,
    Then there were five.

    Five little bunnies,
    Ready for some fun,
    Hopped away in the
    Warm, spring sun.

bunny noisy book book

  • ReadBunny's Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown … a little bunny listens to noises all around him and makes some of his own!

DSC09995 (2)DSC09999 (2)

  • Match the Noisy Eggs … my kids loved this activity from The Princess and the Tot. We played it over and over.
    • Cut an egg carton into sections of six.
    • Gather 6 plastic eggs in a different color for each person. I made a set for me too. 
    • Fill the eggs with different items that make a variety of noises. When I put a jingle bell in my egg, my kids put a jingle bell in one of their eggs. Use anything around the house:
      • popcorn kernels
      • rice
      • dry pasta noodles
      • paper clips
      • a jingle bell
      • nuts or bolts
      • a dice
      • jelly beans
    • We had fun filling them and listening to the different sounds.
    • When we finished, I chose an egg, shook it and then my kids each shook their own eggs to try to find the matching noise.
    • It was a hit!


  • Make Bunny Buns … download the recipe from the Friend magazine here. And here is a recipe for a yummy orange roll glaze:

    1/2 C butter
    3/4 C sugar
    1/2 C sour cream
    2 T orange rind

    Place all ingredients in a sauce pan. Boil over medium heat for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Pour over rolls right after you take them out of the oven.

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  1. Thank you for the links back to my blog! I am thrilled that you liked these activities. Super Tot LOVED the sound one. He wanted to do it over and over. I taped the eggs shut with paper tape (easy for me to remove), so we didn't end up with rice, beans, etc. everywhere if he tried to open them.

    The bunny counters are part of this set, but sorting the pompom bunny "tails" is perfect!


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